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A vision of bubbles…

I was trying to come up with something for
Tuesday Chatter
and had nada so went and sat on the balcony.
Let me tell you 100* is hot!
Because it was so hot I decided to come inside but
before I did I looked out and saw this

I know the pictures aren’t good but those little dots in the trees are
I tried to see where they were coming from but
saw nothing, no bubbles anywhere but floating in the trees.
The vision made me smile and laugh.

Maybe it was just my brain being fried in the heat and I was hallucinating,
but I swear I saw bubbles in the trees.
The pictures prove it.  Right?

Whatever!  It gave me something to chat about.

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Bubbles and comfort zones…

From Her Diary

soap-bubbles-801927_640I have always lived a quiet safe little life and have been happy or so I thought, but lately I have been feeling restless and bored.  Surely, there is more to life than predictable days and uneventful weeks plodding along year after year.  I want to go new places, try new things, meet people who are different than me, have adventures and excitement, and maybe even fall in love. It is going to be hard and I am scared, but I am going to burst the bubble of my comfort zone and go after everything I want in life. Okay, that’s decided and after some more planning and a good nights sleep I will take my first step tomorrow,…maybe.

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In Other Words
the prompt is
Everything you ever wanted is one step out of your comfort zone.”
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Pet the cat to see the words of others.

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Tuesday, Teddy’s thoughts about the bath tub…

People are most interesting.  Especially my Mama.  She has some very funny habits.


She has a big tub in the bathroom.  It’s fun to get in it and go round in circles really fast chasing my tail.  And I like to take my fuzzy ball and bat it around in there.  I make the best noise–though Mama says the guy downstairs might not appreciate it.

Sometimes I just sit in there behind the curtain and when Mama comes in I jump out and surprise her.  It makes her laugh and I like that.

Anyway, back to Mama’s funny habits.  One of them is she fills the big tub with very warm water and bubbles.  This is pretty fun.  The bubbles smell nice and they are interesting.  When I swat them they disappear–it’s magic maybe.


Now the funny part.  She takes her clothes off–I leave that to your imagination–and gets in the tub and SITS in the bubble water.  Sometimes, usually in fact, she sort of lays back and closes her eyes and smiles and sighs.

What is that all about?  She says it is relaxing to take a bath.  And she does some of her best thinking there.


I am all for relaxing–and thinking.  But in a tub of bubble water?


Living with my Mama is an education.  She does funny things but I am going to stay here and keep her company–but not in the tub–she’s on her own there.