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What’s with all the loud noise?

grrrMama says it is the Fourth of July.
It’s called Independence Day.and peoples celebrate.
I’m all for independence, I am a cat you know.
If you want to celebrate go ahead,
but listen people, you can be independent and quiet.
As a cat I know this for a fact.
All this noise is crazy.
How is a guy supposed to sleep with all the racket?

teddysignPs I told mama she could link this to Six Word Saturday.

I also told her I would remind you about In Other Words.

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Pet the cat to see the words of others.
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strange stuff mama does…

uphigh2hi my peoples!

i am spying on mama.  she does strange things in the little room where her litter box is.  besides using the box, i mean that’s not strange.  she brushes her hair and that’s not strange either. everybody needs a good brush now and then.  she does it every day which is a bit obsessive but better that than not often enough or not at all.

the strange part is that she washes her face. that isn’t odd all faces should be washed often, but what is strange is she puts stuff on her clean face. why put stuff on a perfectly clean face? it’s beyond me. it does smell good though. i am not going to tell you about the bigger little room where she sits in hot water it’s just too weird.  the other odd thing is she puts a brush in her mouth and instead of having a good chew she adds goo and brushes her teeth!  i don’t think the goo even tastes good because she spits it out.

i’m not going to go into all the dressing and undressing and dressing again that goes on.  why people just don’t have fur coats is really odd. inefficient, expensive, and time-consuming if you ask me.

do all peoples do this stuff?  i know none of you come with fur coats and do the dressing thing but the other stuff?  and you think cats are odd.


ps, you can see really cute cat stuff at feline friday just click here

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A parade and ladybugs…

It was a nasty morning with lots of rain. I was on the balcony watching the people in the St Patrick’s Day parade and they looked miserable.   My fur does not look good when it is wet so I  went inside and didn’t see the whole thing.

Funny thing is when the parade was over it stopped raining and the sun came out so I went back outside.  It was very nice in the sun.  Not too hot not too cold just right.

Give me a tap to go see Feline Friday

While I was out there I noticed something I never saw before.  These little red things with wings. Mama said they are like ladybugs without spots.  Whatever!  They were fun to watch crawling on the screen.  They are cute and quite amusing but don’t eat one. Yuck! They taste awful.  My spitting and pawing made Mama laugh so it wasn’t all bad.  But I won’t eat another one.

Later Teddy told me about those bugs and how bad they taste.  Why he didn’t tell me before I snacked on one I don’t know.  Well, I do know he is a pain in the butt.  Just wait til he eats the catnip I peed on!

Gotta go. I hear a bag of chips being opened in the kitchen.

Til next time, jack