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Three Line Tales, week 70

tltweek70(photo by Timothy Meinberg via Unsplash)


He is a good-looking Tom and all night long he does his job prowling the docks keeping the rat population under control.  Of course, all work and no play make a dull night so he does find time for fun entertaining the people who party on the pier and sometimes a little romance with the local lady cats.  But when the sun comes up he goes back to his favorite place, the boat where his best friend and servant, his very own human is waiting to welcome him home.

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Jack chats…

Hi, Everybody, it’s me, Jack.
I am doing Tuesday Chatter today.

I had a kinda scary morning today.
I had an appointment.

It started with this
A cage! With the door locked!

I was not happy!
I would not look at Mama
no matter how sweet she talked.

Teddy told me that when you go in the cage and the door is locked
it means you are going in a car to see the vet.
Last time I went to the vet wasn’t so bad,
but still, this cage thing was uncalled for.

Well, we got to the vet place and I was freed from the cage
so I could walk around in the exam room.
When a man came in I ran out the door.
I just wanted to explore.
Mama doesn’t let me out of the apartment except on the balcony
and from the little I can see when she opens
the front door the hallways look very interesting.

Anyway, back in the exam room.
The vet, he was a very nice guy, put me on a table.
I wasn’t too sure about it.
But it was okay.
I was weighed (perfect 10 pounds)
and poked and scoped and kneaded and

But I was a good boy.
The vet knew what he was doing and did it very well.
He said I was a perfectly beautiful cat.
This guy really knows his cats.

He knows perfection when he sees it!


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Eleanor Farjeon · In Other Words (Quotes) · someone said

It always gives me…

In Other Words

“It always gives me a shiver when I see a cat
seeing what I can’t see.”
Eleanor Farjeon

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