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Friday, laundry can be a reason…

Today I celebrate laundry.

Okay that may seem weird but I happen to like doing laundry.
First off I like the fact I have nice things to launder. I mean really think about it.

Then there is something about the smell of the clothes and linens  
coming out of the washer and going into the dryer.


But the best part is taking the laundry out of the dryer,
all warm and sweet-smelling,

dryerand folding it neat and tidy.


Doing the laundry is not a difficult task and I find it relaxing.
Of course, the way of doing laundry has improved over the years.


Today, I think I would not like laundry if I had to put it in a tub
and actually had to work to get it done.

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Click on the badge to see what others are celebrating.

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Friday, celebrating a friend…


This week my bestest friend was off with her hubby on vacation.
 A vacation without work or kids.  
 I hope she got a sexy new nightgown to take with her.  
  Really, long time married and off on their own for a whole week should mean…well,  
you know what it should mean without my spelling it out.

The point of this post is not about that…
It is about finding some small thing that I did or that happened this week that I can celebrate.
Being a not too interesting person  (I really don’t do much of anything) this is no easy task.

But as I was pondering the week  I thought about my bestest friend.
She is not a small thing in my life she is a big part of my life.  
But she is someone I celebrate knowing.
My life is richer and more fun and happier because she is a part of it.
I can laugh, talk about anything, rant and rave, and just be me when I am with her.
I have even cried.  Not something I do!

So this is what I celebrate this week…my friend…”Lucy”.

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Click on the badge to see what others are celebrating.

Today, I think I am one lucky ditz to have a friend who is much more than a friend.

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Tuesday, little victories…

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There was a time when I was very hard on myself if I thought I failed something or someone.  I would really beat myself up!  Somehow, I had gotten the idea that if I made a mistake or failed that was the end, and once at that end, victory was impossible.  Where do these misbegotten ideas come from anyway?

Wherever they come from they need to be stomped on! Fast!  Everyone makes mistakes and sometimes fails to meet expectations.  But how we respond to our mistakes and failures determines whether we will be victorious in the end.  In any mistake or failure there are points of success.  What we learn through the experience, how we grow in it, how we allow it to mold us, is up to us.  Victory is learning and growing and becoming a better person.

The truth is we only fail when we let our mistakes stop us.  When we pick ourselves up and continue on we have a victory;  we have beaten back failure, we win.  Sometimes it is a little win.  But all those little wins, little victories, are rungs on the ladder of success.

I think we should recognize and celebrate all the little victories we have.  I think we should start today!