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Z2016 is for Z2016ippy and Z2016ephyr

The Way I See It

Well, here we are at Z the last letter of the alphabet and the end of this year’s A to Z Challenge. For me, the challenge started out as it always does all zippy and full of energy. It’s fun to find a theme and then to figure out what to write within that theme. Because I tend to get distracted and off theme, I make a point to choose a rather loose open theme so I can play with it.

Once we get past the half way mark my energy sometimes loses some of its zip. But I plunder and plod on with good and bad days. Mostly good days. Then the last week is upon us and my zippy energy really loses its zingy zestfulness and my energy becomes more of a zephyr breeze that wafts and flutters like soft sighs.

When March comes along next year I will be all zappy zingy zippy again and ready for April and another A to Z Challenge. Until then I will enjoy the whiffs of air that faintly breeze by my computer like a lovely zephyr.

The way I see it…A challenge of any kind is good
but the best have a definite beginning and end.

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