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Monday musings…

With gratitude,
optimism is sustainable.
Michael J Fox

Not too long ago I read one Michael’s books, No Time Like The Future. It was insightful and inspiring. In the book Michael talks about his challenges and struggles living with Parkinson disease. He is upbeat but honest about what it is like personally and professionally. He writes of his family and their ways of, not just coping with this disease, but finding strength and humor and being open and honest with their feelings and thoughts.

I don’t know that if I ever have to face a life changing health challenge that I would be like Michael. I don’t know that I would be as optimistic and happy as he is as he looks to the future. He doesn’t downplay the difficulties but accepts that life is different, he makes adjustments as needed and lives a full life. I don’t know if I am that strong. I do hope I would find new ways to live and be happy and not just stay home feeling sorry for myself.

I think gratitude is always important but even more so when faced with the hard passages of life. And I think optimism is a gift that sometimes takes a bit of work to maintain. But then, most of the good in life requires work and the rewards of that work are more gifts than we can ever imagine.

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Potholes and challenges…

In Other Words

“Stop worrying about the potholes in the road
and celebrate the journey”
Barbara Hoffman

I have had more than a few potholes in the road on my journey. Most of the potholes have been passed by without major incident or injury and others caused some scrapes and bruises. Sometimes the potholes came in a series one after another and that made the little irritations seem worse.  There were times that the road was smooth for a while then there would be a big pothole right in the middle.  More like a crater than a pothole. The crater type holes caused some big problems and were challenges. Those holes I would fall into and have to crawl my way out and often needed help to get out. I think my journey’s road has had more bumps than holes. Either way I am glad to be on the road.

The journey has not been an easy one with it’s challenges of bumps, potholes, and craters. Most could have been avoided if I had been more attentive or less rebellious; ignoring the road signs or completely refusing to follow the rules of the road. That’s probably the greatest challenge I have had, learning to heed the signs and follow the rules. I can’t say I have overcome that challenge but then it would be boring if I never followed my heart and did what I want sometimes.  Looking back I can say most challenges I am grateful to have had and met head-on. Most but not all.  Some just need to be bulldozed into a crater and paved over!

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