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2016, it’s about gone…


Today I am celebrating that 2016 is about gone!
It wasn’t a bad year but it was challenging.
My word for 2016 was change and there was a lot of change.
Change is not my favorite thing. I am happy in my comfortable ruts.
None of the changes were spectacular.
It was all about inner changes.
Things like attitudes and habits that needed to be looked at.
Some things just needed to be brought out, dusted off and put to use again.
There was a lot of decluttering of thoughts to take care of.
And there were things that needed some serious housekeeping or tossing out.


My inner life is much like my home.
It’s comfortable and homey with things I use and things I love,
things I don’t need and things I don’t want but
keep because I am too lazy to deal with them.
Everything looks good until I take a good look in closets and corners, and
under things I need to get on my hands and knees to see or on top of things I can’t see without getting on a stool or ladder.
So that’s what I did in 2016 and it was hard work and humbling.
There is still work to be done but most of the trash has been dealt with.
Now the really hard part…keeping it all clean and tidy.

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“Not everything that is faced can be changed,
but nothing can be changed until faced.”

James Baldwin


If you were a caterpillar and made your cocoon
in time, you would emerge as a butterfly.
You would never be an eagle or dolphin, a cat or elephant.
No matter how hard you tried to change the fact is,
you will be a butterfly.
Some things can’t be changed.

So it is with people.
You grow in your mother’s womb and in time
you emerge as a little person with DNA that is unique to you.
The color of your skin and eyes, the shape of your hands and feet,
the color and texture of your hair, whether you will be short or tall,
no matter how hard you try the fact is, this is what you will be.
Some things can’t be changed.

You are also born with character and talents and gifts.
What you do with these attributes  determines who you will be.
Weaknesses can be strengthened, talents can be developed, gifts can be shared.
Good or bad, who you are is up to you.
Some things can be changed.

In Other Words
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Not everything that…

In Other Words

“Not everything that is faced can be changed,
but nothing can be changed until faced.”
James Baldwin

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Today I am linking to In Other Words prompt
“Dreaming, afterall, is a form of planning.”
Gloria Steinem
and to Six Sentence Stories prompt


She worked long and hard to make her dream come true.  She had been unwilling to make any change in the plans and schedules that she made carefully and in detail every step of the way.  Many times she would cancel plans she made with friends and usually didn’t make it home for the holidays, birthdays or reunions. So often she broke dates with the man she loved and hoped to marry that one day he said goodbye and never came back. Everyone thought she was living the dream she worked so hard and sacrificed so much for all those years. But she knew the truth, she was living a nightmare of loneliness.

Image: pixabay

In Other Words
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Sunday, I changed my mind…

images (29)

A few minutes ago I wrote about my theme for the A to Z Challenge.
Well, I just wrote the “A” post and decided not to say anything about what I don’t like about people.
I mean really what value does negative thought have?
So, erase the earlier post and remember this one.

Today, I think I should think before I click on publish.

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Saturday, what today will bring…


Who knows what today will bring?

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Well, it is after ten am. I have read the paper, done the crossword puzzle, word jumble, find words within the word.  Read my devotion and had some conversation with you know Who.  Checked email and Facebook.  Fed Teddy, that was the first thing I did, nothing else ever gets done until Teddy is fed, scratched, and in general fussed over.  Now checking out all things WordPress.  And still in my jammies.

My life is pretty routine.  Not many surprises.   And I like it that way.  But I can manage changes, even the ones I don’t want or like.  I may rant and whine occasionally–or as often as I feel it is needed to release toxins in my brain–but really I can roll with the punches.

Today my to-do list is in order–for all the good that will do.  My day plotted and planned, sort of.  Really, think about it.  Who knows what today will bring?  Nobody.

Today, I think that since yesterday isn’t anymore, tomorrow never is, and today is all I have, I will just take it as it happens and be happy.