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Thinking about time…

Thinking about time this
Tuesday Chatter

I don’t know what happens to the day.
It seems I get up to the sunshine and in a blink, it’s the moon I see.
I think time moves faster when one retires.
I thought it would move slower and I would get a lot done.
Nope, not happening.

Tokina AT-X 90mm F2.5 Macro (Bokina II)

I’m not complaining!
I have been enjoying my days of doing what little I do.
I would just like the time to mosey along and not be in such a hurry.
You may not understand this if you are young
but I am pretty sure you do if you are old(er) like me.

Maybe the rush of time has something to do with
having more of your time in the past than what is left for the future.
I am learning that living in the moment is sweet
and tomorrow is perhaps nothing more than a passing thought.

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A to Z Challenge 2017 · Tuesday Chatter · whatever!


Well, here I am for Tuesday Chatter.
I have been “going to write” all day
but stuff kept getting in the way.
This week I am going to reveal my theme for
the A to Z Challenge.


This year my theme will be

“The Way I See It”

I will have a topic for the letter of the day.
I will write what I think about it.
That’s it.
I don’t know how you are going to control your excitement!


So that’s it my theme reveal
and all I have to chatter about today.

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Tuesday Chatter · whatever!


My friend and I
had lunch and
Tuesday Chatter


A friend and I went to lunch today.
She wanted to go to a deli downtown that is relatively new.
Fine with me.

Of course, we went at noon because we were having lunch.
Downtown is the State Capitol and home to the University.
There are lots of offices, shops, restaurants, apartments,
and a large hospital in the city center.
Everybody has lunch at noon.

Took awhile to find a parking place.
When we did find a place it was about four blocks from the deli.
Not a problem.
Except neither of us thought about putting any money
in the meter, until we were almost at the deli.
So, back we went to pay the meter.

When we got to the deli it was crowded but
the line to order moved quickly.
Too quickly for us.
They had a gazillion things on the menu board
and never having been there before we had to read the whole thing.
Okay, finally we ordered and paid.
Found a booth and our food was brought to us.
We haven’t seen each other in awhile and had lots to talk about.

The music was LOUD.
There were a lot of people talking LOUDLY.
Neither of us hears all that well.
We talked and talked but didn’t
really hear much of what the other said.

The food was a bit pricey.
My friend liked her sandwich.
I didn’t care much for my salad.
I did like her potato chips.

Still, seeing my friend made it a nice Tuesday.

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Changing Seasons · Tuesday Chatter · whatever!

Gray and dreary except…

When I took my walk today it was gray and dreary.
There wasn’t much traffic on the streets
and I didn’t see anyone else walking.
There weren’t even any squirrels out and about.
I saw one crow.

I was happy to come home and sit on my balcony
and enjoy my petunias.
I planted them last Spring
and they have been showing off ever since.



They are wonderful and I think they have a right to show off since they weathered the winter cold and never gave up.

That’s my Tuesday Chatter this week
and my Changing Seasons Photos for February.

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In Other Words (Quotes) · Tuesday Chatter · whatever!

Raining and giving…

 Tuesday Chatter


Today has been cold and rainy all day. I was having lunch with a friend who observed in a kind of despairing way about what a dreary day it was. It surprises me when people are unhappy when there is a dreary day. I told her a day or two of this kind of weather doesn’t bother me, it reminds me of where I grew up in Northeastern Ohio where it is often dreary this time of year. She made no response to my comment and we went onto other things to talk about. How do you feel about dreary days?  Granted I don’t like it if there are several days of cold rain and no sunshine but a couple of days of it is sort of comforting.

“There is no such thing as bad weather,
only different kinds of good weather.”
John Ruskin


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