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Friday, R is for Rescue; a review…

A Black cat Book Review

Rescue by Anita Shreve

Webster is a paramedic who saves the life of a beautiful young woman, Sheila.  They fall in love.  They marry and have a daughter, Rowan, and do not live happily ever after.

When Rowan is two years old, Sheila leaves them and father and daughter  go on without her.  All seems fine until Rowan’s last year of high school when she begins to quietly rebel and distance herself from Webster.  On the night of the Senior Dance there is an accident…and the return of Sheila into their lives.

There are times in the early years of Sheila and Webster’s relationship that are touching and beautiful as only young love can be.  But in the midst of that love is also great sadness and the knowledge that love does not always conquer all.  When they see each other again years later it is with acceptance of who they were together and who they have become while apart; the one thing that has not changed is their love for Rowan.

Well written with brutal honesty of emotion there are many questions and few answers, much like real life.  Anita Shreve deftly explores the deeper and more tender places of the heart.

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Monday, a movie not many critics liked…

Today, instead of suggesting a book to you I am going to suggest a movie.  It’s a movie I liked but didn’t love.  Truthfully, it isn’t a great movie, just a good Indie movie.  I watch more Indie movies than big studio ones.  I like the low-budget and kinda rough edge to them.

Anyway, this movie, Remember Me, did okay at the box office but didn’t get good reviews for the most part.  Most critics pretty much panned it.  But like I said, I liked it.  It is slow to begin, after the middle it starts to come together, and the end is a stunner.  At least for me–but maybe I am slow when it comes to clues.

To me it is a love story.  A love story of a girl and a guy, a love story of a girl and her father, and a love story of a guy and his father.


Remember Me

Today, I think this is worth watching but maybe not paying a full price ticket to see.  Netflix has it.

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Saturday, Howdy Doody is kinda scary…

Portrait of Buffalo Bob Smith and Howdy Doody:...
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When I was little we watched The Howdy Doody Show every afternoon.  It was always fun and I liked it.  There were several different puppet regulars and some guest puppets.  There were stories acted out by the puppets and for the most part I liked them.  Except for one story that was told over several days.
I don’t remember what the story was about other than the bad guy puppets all wore Dutch wooden shoes.  I had nightmares about these puppets and their shoes!  But I reasoned with myself that it was a TV show and what were the chances that these mean puppets in the wooden shoes would show up in the little town where I lived?  I was quite adult in my reasoning and the nightmares stopped and life went on.  Until…
My ma and I were taking a taxi home from our afternoon uptown.  Because it was such a small town there were only a couple of taxis and people would share rides with others who were going in the same direction.  So after we got in the taxi the driver picked up another fare.  And you will not believe it…
A rather stern looking very tall lady (I was about 5 so all ladies seemed tall) got in the car and…she…was…wearing…Dutch wooden shoes!
I was terrified!  I never said a word, but I did wonder what the odds were that I would be in a taxi in my small town with someone wearing wooden shoes
I had nightmares and daymares for weeks.  I was on the look out for others in wooden shoes.  I figured if there was one there could be others.  Happily, I never did see her again or anyone else with the dreaded wooden shoes.
I wonder how many other little children were scared by a story on The Howdy Doody Show.  What were they thinking having scary puppets on the show?! Marionette puppets are weirdly scary anyway, don’t you think?
I still check out the shoes strangers are wearing…you never know…

Tuesday, 10 things about the season…

  1. christmas cats

Today is Tuesday, December 7, 2010

10 things  about the December season

  1. It is going to be cold and windy–might as well bundle up and enjoy it best you can.
  2. People are in more of a hurry–they can be pushy and rude but you don’t have to be even if you would like to body slam them into next year.
  3. The stores will be too crowded and too warm–just roll with it–or go home.
  4. Where ever you go there will be long lines–be patient–do some daydreaming.
  5. There will be hard to buy for people and those you just can’t please–give to charity the money you would have spent on them and tell them who you gave the donation to.
  6. Kids should not be taken to the Mall–except to sit on Santa’s lap–once they have talked with him and had their picture taken they should be taken home.
  7. There will be parties–like it or not–if like me you are a “not” person stay home nobody will really miss you and you will be happy.
  8. There is a lot of food around–you don’t have to eat it and if you do don’t complain about the diet you will have to go on in January.
  9. It’s not all about you–or me–no matter how much we want it to be.
  10. Santa, though a nice enough fat man cannot give you the gift of life–remember the One who can.