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Wednesday, writing whatever…

Image by naobim from Pixabay

I have gotten a few Christmas cards this year but I have decided that this year I am not sending cards. I will email Christmas notes to those folks I have email addresses for and the rest I will send a New Year card.

I admit I like getting the cards but I would be happy with an email. The friends I get cards from live out of state and most I don’t see or hear from year to year. If I didn’t get a card or email I would wonder if they are okay.

Maybe an email doesn’t seem as personal or thoughtful to some folks. I know some don’t like email for anything but they are mostly of the older generation. I am a part of that generation of old people but I like email! I guess I will find out next year if some were offended by season’s greeting via cyber-world.

What do you think about snail mail versus email?


Tuesday, 10 things about the season…

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Today is Tuesday, December 7, 2010

10 thingsĀ  about the December season

  1. It is going to be cold and windy–might as well bundle up and enjoy it best you can.
  2. People are in more of a hurry–they can be pushy and rude but you don’t have to be even if you would like to body slam them into next year.
  3. The stores will be too crowded and too warm–just roll with it–or go home.
  4. Where ever you go there will be long lines–be patient–do some daydreaming.
  5. There will be hard to buy for people and those you just can’t please–give to charity the money you would have spent on them and tell them who you gave the donation to.
  6. Kids should not beĀ taken to the Mall–except to sit on Santa’s lap–once they have talked with him and had their picture taken they should be taken home.
  7. There will be parties–like it or not–if like me you are a “not” person stay home nobody will really miss you and you will be happy.
  8. There is a lot of food around–you don’t have to eat it and if you do don’t complain about the diet you will have to go on in January.
  9. It’s not all about you–or me–no matter how much we want it to be.
  10. Santa, though a nice enough fat man cannot give you the gift of life–remember the One who can.
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Tuesday, ten things about November…

November and the sun is low
Image by Per Ola Wiberg ~ Powi via Flickr

Today is Tuesday, November 30, 2010


10 Things November Brings

  1. Colder weather–time for sweaters and hats and gloves–but not for long johns yet.
  2. Falling leaves–love this– all the drifting color.
  3. Long walks in the crisp air and crunchy leaves.
  4. The beginning of the holiday season–this is a love hate thing for me.
  5. Stores are all dressed up for the holiday shoppers–even stores look better in fancy dress.
  6. Spending money–more than usual.
  7. Holiday parties and get-togethers–another of those love hate things.
  8. Food and more food–this purely love especially the egg nog that is only sold at this time of year–what’s with that?
  9. Gifts–the giving and getting of–kinda stressful but also fun.
  10. Realization that the year is almost over and you haven’t done all you thought you would–but don’t worry next year is right around the corner and you can make another resolutions list.