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What I am thinking…

My Chatter at the Tuesday Cafe
is about something that is on my mind
and the poem I wrote for In Other Words
says what I am thinking.


It is Christmas time
Days of silly craziness
Nothing heavenly
In all this insane madness
Look for the blessings holy

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In Other Words
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The Special Treat…

Three Line Tales, Week 47

The Special Treat

Maggie just knows that everyone gets tired of the same old thing all the time.  Sure cookies are great but there is no doubt in her mind that everyone will love this special treat Mama is baking today.  She better tell Mama to make extra because Santa will probably want to take some home to his wife and the elves.


photo by Jennifer Pallian via Unsplash

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Shopping and anticipation…

Tuesday Chatter and In Other Words

First the chatter.  Saturday I was Christmas shopping in the small shopping and entertainment village down the hill from where I live. It a wonderful place of small independent shops, restaurants, and bars.  There are two senior/retirement apartment christmas-tree-1891228__340buildings, a park, and some apartments that have mostly college age young adults living in them. Also, within walking distance are some lovely private homes and of course the University and State Capitol. It is quite a mix of people. During the day it is a place for shopping and eating. At night eating and drinking and partying is what happens.

Anyway back to my shopping. I did the last of the little Christmas shopping I do and just spent some time wandering around in the shops and stopping for a snack. It was a lovely day to be out and about. People didn’t seem stressed. There were lots of smiles and laughter with the very young and very old interacting and just enjoying the day and each other. Malls, big box stores, and large shopping centers have their place and are nice but there is nothing like a neighborhood village to slow people down and get them talking to one another if only for a few minutes. Like I said it was a lovely day.


 In Other Words


 After weeks of working, the elves were finished today
Santa was ready to fly through the night
Reindeer and sleigh all shiny and bright
With gifts galore packed in tight
All anticipation soon to be blown away

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In Other Words
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About Christmas…

Friendly Fill-Ins Week 31

  1. I love the following Christmas film(s) I can’t think of one.


  1. I don’t care for the following Christmas film(s)…apparently, Christmas movies haven’t made an impression on me, can’t think of one I didn’t like either.


  1. At the holidays, I cannot resist the food!


  1. A favourite holiday memory of mine is the year we went as a family to get a tree and putting it up with all the decorations and tinsel. It was the prettiest tree ever. After we sat looking at it for awhile and feeling quite proud of ourselves we went to the kitchen and sat down to supper. Before we finished supper we heard a quiet tinkling from the living room then a whoosh and a crash. We ran in there to see our beautiful tree flat out on the floor. After a stunned silence, we laughed hilariously and pulled the tree back up and wired it to the wall. Even though it looked a bit bedraggled we loved it even more because of the laughter and knowing what a great story it would be for years to come.


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