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Saturday, be warned pity party ahead…

Sometimes being me isn’t any fun.

I have been tired, cranky, a little depressed, and not especially nice to be around.  In general life has been the pits lately.  So be warned this is a Pity Party for Patricia by Patricia.

I have a chronic health issue, problem, condition, call it what you like I call it IT.  That’s all just IT.  I won’t go into what IT is because that would be really boring.  I bore myself with IT sometimes.

IT is not contagious, or for me disabling, (some are disabled because of IT) or any other of a myriad of horrible things IT could be. IT is not something that will cause my death though I will die with IT. 

I know what caused IT and why IT will never be completely gone.  Lots of people have this same thing to a much greater degree.  I was told that with  surgery few people have close to 100% success, most have a little relief, some have good response and there is a 30% chance the surgery will make IT worse.  I opted to have the surgery and I was fortunate that I had good response and IT is less of a problem than before the surgery.

But you know what?  I am sick and tired of putting on a happy face when I am miserable!

OK, end of Pity Party.

Today, I think is just one of those days…

I am rarely miserable and except for IT I am blessed with good health.

Thanks for listening. Now go on with your day. I feel soooo much better.