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The day is gone…

It’s Tuesday and time to Chatter

I am not sure where today went but it is about gone and I have done mostly nothing. I did read the paper and did the puzzles and then did the puzzles on my Kindle. I count it as exercise when I do puzzles…I am exercising my brain.

I played with the cats a bit and read my emails. How can one person get so many emails? I can’t figure it out. Seems I am always unsubscribing to something and still the mail box is full of nonsense.

I spent a lot of time on the computer. Not accomplishing anything. It is amazing how much time can be spent just surfing in cyber-world. I did find some things on Amazon I must have. If I remember what they are tomorrow I will order them.

I did get one thing checked off the dreaded to-do list.  This needs a drum roll.  Really!

I cleaned the refrigerator!

freezer2  Teddy helped.fridge2


Yep, I did. Took everything out and washed everything and wiped off all the bottles and jars and threw away the stuff with expiration dates that are long gone. I was amazed when I took out the pitcher of iced tea a while ago and it just came off the shelf. Who knew you can just pick it up without having to use muscle to remove it from the shelf. I think I will go open the door and just stand there admiring my beautiful shiny refrigerator shelves for a bit.

That’s it for today. Going to work tomorrow. I’ve been off for four days. Seems like just yesterday I was there. Oh well, I have Thursday off.

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Thursday, what makes my world go round…


Today I was doing some cleaning.  Way past due!  Not the deep down and “Martha Stewart” kinda cleaning just the dust, sweep, vacuum stuff.  While I was rearranging the dust and cat hair I once again became aware of how much I have.

I am one person with two bedrooms–and rarely an overnight guest.  A bath and a half–and I can only use one at a time.  I have two sets of dishes, many many glasses and mugs, lots of pots and pans…and I don’t entertain or cook much.  My cabinets, closets, and bookcases are full–and there is lots in them I never use or even think about.

Occasionally, I will go on a tear and get rid of lots of stuff–extra stuff–toss–I’m not sacrificing anything–I always still have plenty of stuff left.

Anyway, while I was doing my cleaning thing I realized that though I don’t like the cleaning of all this accumulated stuff I do like having it.  It pleases me to have it.  It makes me comfortable and happy.  More importantly, I know that if it was all gone tomorrow I might not be pleased or comfortable or even happy but I would be ok.  I would still be ditzy me and I would still have the really important stuff–lilheartgiven to me and the lilheart I have to give.

Today, I am thankful that have my stuff and that I know it is not what makes my world go round.


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Thursday, thankful for lesson learned?…


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I learned something new the other day.  I am somewhat fanatical about keeping my computer files all nice and neat—or as neat as a computer challenged person can—so I was cleaning up some stuff here.

I decided that the media files were getting kinda crowded with duplicates and stuff I will never use again so I went on a delete spree. Big surprise! Big mistake!

What I learned is that when you delete something from your media file it is not only deleted from the file but from the post it was where it was used.  So, I have a bunch of posts that have silly white boxes on them—not cool.

Now you must know this is bothering me so I have been going back to the posts and deleting the white boxes.  This takes some time and is not terribly interesting but if I don’t do it I will develop a tic.

The posts aren’t as nice with the 75px-Deleted_photo[1]‘s—but so be it—this I can live with.  It has been kinda fun to look at some of the old stuff.

I am thankful today that I am not as prolific a writer as many on WordPress.  I am also thankful that I learned this lesson before I had hundreds of posts.  As it is there are 209 published with a few scheduled.

Sometimes what we are thankful for is not as much fun as other times.