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To sashay or not…


Startled, she looked at the girl and said, “Missy, where you goin’ dressed like that?” “Some of us are meetin’ up in town for some fun, Granny.” “Oh no,  you ain’t goin’ nowhere til you sashay yer sweet self back in the house and put somethin’ decent on that ain’t from the devil’s closet!”


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Thursday, thankful for plenty…

Today I cleaned my closet.  Now you might not think that is a big deal.  But it was!  This particular chore has been on my to-do list for months.  I just kept moving it from day-to-day.  But today was the day!


When I say I cleaned the closet I mean big time cleaning.  Everything taken out, the walls and shelves dusted, and the floor mopped.  Then the hard part..

I was ruthless! Really!  Any purse or shoes I have not taken out of the closet in a year–in the Goodwill pile.  Anything a size small went to the Goodwill pile without trying it on. 

I mean I am no longer a small.  I am now a medium–on my way to large if I don’t rein in my appetite large

I still have the armoire to tackle but I ran out of energy.  Not physical energy but emotional.  It is difficult to say good-by to clothes I like and that remind me of happy times…and are a size small.  I think I will just move the armoire to another day’s to-do list.

I now have 4 bags for Goodwill and 1 for the dumpster. Why I had some of the things in the closet that I did is a mystery.  To give you an idea of the volume of un-wearables I had in my now lovely neat clean closet…I have 35 empty hangers. 35! bags

It’s embarrassing to have so much when there are so many that have so very little. And it is embarrassing to be holding onto what I no longer can use simply because of selfishness and lying to myself that someday I will be a size small again.


Today, I am thankful for the wake up call about being honest with myself and for the blessing of plenty.

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Friday, frankly it’s just stuff…

Yard Sale Northern California May 2005. This i...
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Today is Friday, November 12, 2010


Tomorrow a friend is having a yard sale.  Hooray for my friend!  The best thing about the yard sale is that she has taken a bunch of my stuff to sell for me–to get rid of  is really closer to the truth.  I have saved this stuff since around February and it has piled up.  My goffice–guest room office–has been a mess since then and I am ready to get it straightened up again.

I do wonder though who will by my stuff.  I can understand people buying books because they usually sell at yard sales for a dollar or so.  And I guess I can see why some of the clothes would sell–they are fine–but they have shrunk and no longer fit.  That’s the reason I gave myself when putting them in the bag anyway.  But the odds and ends, the things that I wonder why I had  in the first place, the bits and pieces I have moved from closet to closet, box to box, who would want that stuff?

I guess at one time they were all things I thought I needed or wanted or couldn’t live without.  So maybe there is someone out there that needs or wants or has to have something that I have decided there  is no longer a place for in my condo.  They are more than welcome to buy it for whatever they can bargain it down to.  What does not sell will go to Goodwill–it is not returning to spend any more time  in a box in my closet!

I really don’t understand the appeal of yard sales–I do understand wanting to see other people’s stuff–I admit to some nosiness on my part about other  people’s stuff–but why buy other people’s junk?

Frankly, I am glad somebody wants my stuff because then I will have a couple of extra dollars to spend on new stuff,  so I can move some of the old stuff to the closet ready for a yard sale next year.   

Saturday · someday

Saturday, someday I may need help…

My Messy Desk
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Today is Saturday, October 30, 2010


I am by nature a quiet, neat, and organized person.  I like to have a place for everything and everything in its place.  After I use something I put it back where I got it from.  I close cabinet doors and drawers, hang towels neatly on the towel rods; my closet is organized as is my dresser, everything hanging straight or folded and neatly placed on shelves or in drawers, shoes and purses all in rows.

Even the kitchen is under control.  The dishes organized in one cabinet, glasses in another, pots and pans in their place; the drawers each have assigned items, the towel drawer, utensils and silverware drawers, and my junk drawer is clean and uncluttered.

The linen closet is a study of symmetry, everything lined up and in stacks. Each shelf has its own related items with no overlapping of towels and sheets and tablecloths.  There is a miscellaneous shelf that is a hodge-podge of stuff but of course it is neat.

All this brings me to the problem of my goffice.  This room is an extra bedroom that is occasionally used for guests but it is daily used as my office, that’s why I call it the goffice.  When it was only a guest room it was like the rest of my place, you know, neat.  But since it has become an office there has been an invasion of some sort of messy creatures.  Not only are these invisible creatures messy but they leave behind a scentless toxic gas that renders me unable to straighten up or clean in here.  Therefore, papers pile up, books scattered on the desk and sofa  and floor, pens and pencils are everywhere on the desk except in the pencil cup or drawer.  I think discussing the state of the desk drawers is pointless as would be a discussion of the bookcases and closet.  The general condition of this room is awful.

This is very strange because my desk at work is very–yes, neat–even when I am working.  The papers are in straight piles and the pens and markers are in the cup where they belong, the notebooks lined up, and the calculator and stapler are in their places.   The desk and workspace are, well–neat.

I think I may have to keep the goffice door closed  so visitors won’t see that I am losing my neatness edge but also because I am afraid these nasty creatures will lay siege to other rooms.  Sometimes I think the toxic gases are moving down the hall and rendering me unconscious to little messes here and there.

Someday I may need to get professional help.  Don’t know who to call though.  Merry Maids or GhostBusters?  Maybe  the  Busty Ghost Maids?


Saturday · someday

Saturday, someday…


Image by elgin.jessica via Flickr


Today is Saturday, October 16, 2010


Why is it that yard/garage/rummage/tag sales and flea markets are such fun?  Used furniture stores and Goodwill and Salvation Army Stores and “antique” stores are interesting, too.   It is a great way to spend time–and not spend much money.

Truthfully, I rarely buy anything at these sales and stores but I do like to wander around them and see what other people had that they no longer want.  Once in a while I find some treasure I just must have. I have contributed to Goodwill and to friend’s yard sales.  Quite often the stuff I give is stuff I got at Goodwill or a “used” store.

And about stuff.  Why do we have so much stuff?  I lived for many years in a very small one bedroom apartment that had one closet in the bedroom and one in the hall.  Those two closets were enough.  Then I moved to a two bedroom apartment with two bedroom closets and one in the bathroom.  I managed to fill the third closet.  I now live in a two bedroom condo that has two big bedroom closets, one large linen closet, one hall closet, and one large storage closet.  There is also room in the furnace closet to store a few things.   All these closets are full.

I was happy with what I had in the tiny apartment, did not feel deprived or that I needed anything.  Wanted more but did not need more.  Same with the next place.  And here I am with six closets and needing more room for my stuff.  There is something wrong with this picture.  I mean it is kind of sad isn’t it?

It seems the more closets we have the more stuff we get then we need more room and when we have more room we get more stuff. It is a vicious circle, I tell you!  I had a couple of family members that were hoarders.  We all make jokes about these folks but it is truly an awful addiction to things.  Their lives are unhappy and sad and lonely.   I do not want this to happen in my life so I  do a major purge of closets two or three times a year.  In the middle of one now.  You would think once purged always purged but not so.

I think someday I will be more disciplined and buy only what I really need and will actually use.  Not sure when that someday will be.  Maybe it will start with this current purge–or not.