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Lost In Translation’s Thursday’s Special
has a new twist.
We are given 5 words to choose from for the theme of our photos.
This week’s words are
I have chosen Turbidity; clouded, opaque, obscured.

View from my balcony on a cloudy morning.

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Celebrating the dance…

morning sky

This is my view of the morning sky.
Is it not awesome!

As the morning clouds move in and the night clouds move out
in a primeval dance, it brings to mind ancient melodies.
Melodies I have never heard yet they sound in my heart
reminding me of things I do not know.


Today I celebrate those ancient melodies and dances
reminding me that somehow the past is present in this day.


The Daily Post Friday Photo Challenge         and                   Lexa Cain’s
Dance                                                                                     Celebrate the Small Things

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Tuesday, ten


Shiny Happy People
Image by s.o.f.t. via Flickr


Today is Tuesday, October 19, 2010


Ten things that make me feel good:

  1. Taking long leisurely walks
  2. Going to lunch with friends
  3. Hearing children laughing
  4. Watching puppies play
  5. Having my cat nap on my lap
  6. Seeing blue skies and white clouds
  7. Reading a good book
  8. Looking at daisies and pansies
  9. Eating chocolate
  10. Taking a nap