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February looks like…

febThis is what February looks like here in South Carolina.
Camellias bloom most of the year but in February they
they tease us with bigger blooms and lots of buds as they
get ready for the March and April explosion of color.

In my neighborhood  there are mostly red, white or pink
double peony or double formal flower forms. There are also
some single anemone flat or bowl shaped flowers that are white
with pink or yellow blushes.  Camellias are also found with rose
like flowers but I haven’t seen any of those around here.

When I walk in the winter it is a joy to see these hardy shrubs
showing off with a few blossoms of color when everything else
is just green or drab brown and gray.

I am linking to Cardinal Guzman’s monthly photo challenge.

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Tuesday, 10 that are better than…

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Here are 10 things that I think are better than 10 other things:

  1. Books with real paper pages are better than digital books
  2. Warm weather is better than cold weather
  3. Hot chocolate is better than coffee
  4. Coke, the real stuff not diet, is better than any other soda
  5. Elastic waistbands are better than waistbands without elastic
  6. Any color is better than tan
  7. Cotton sheets are better than satin sheets
  8. The comics are better than the editorials
  9. Flannel is better than wool
  10. Hello is better than good-bye

And here is a bonus…

Going back to sleep after shutting off the alarm is better than having to get up when you don’t want to.