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Monday, it’s a rant, sort of..


Here is a bit of a rant.  You don’t have to read it.  It’s not a big deal. But this issue is bugging me. 

Yes, to me it is an issue. 

Well, sort of an issue.

I have a problem with having to take eighteen steps to post a comment on a blog–that’s a bit of an exaggeration. But some blogs have lots of stuff you have to do before you can actually post a comment.  This is so irritating.


I mean, really,

  • name–required,
  • email–required,
  • web address–not required but hey go ahead and put it there  it’s a link.
  • Write your comment–must do if you want to comment, bloggers are not mind readers and that’s the whole point of what you are trying to doing.
  •  Then there is a test of sorts–this gets me outta sorts, not a good thing–where you have to copy the words and numbers shown in a box.  These words and numbers look like they were written by a three year old on speed.
  • If you don’t get it right then new words and numbers show up and you try again.  If I have to do this more than twice I say forget it you don’t get my wise and witty comment on your blog.

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I know there is a problem with spam and I guess some blogs have a big problem with it.  But really, is it necessary to go all through this just to say I liked what you said and why or whatever?  So far I have had little problem with spam on my blogs but then I have  little blogs.  I did have one person that I have blocked because he–I think he was a he–was getting kinda creepy.  images (8)

Anyway, if you want to comment here or on my other blog, Day of Grace, please do.  No hoops or tests or rites need to be done just write your comment and click–all done.

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Okay, I feel better.

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Monday, reflecting on the A to Z challenge…

The A to Z Challenge for April 2012 is now history.

Now for some reflections


This was my second year taking part in the challenge and like last year I enjoyed it.  Well, maybe X wasn’t much fun. Sorta taxed my brain.


But I persevered!

The challenge does make me a bit more disciplined, at least for the month of April.  Like last year I did not have a theme I just wrote what came to mind for whatever letter it was for the day.  But I think next year–yes I am planning on taking part next year–I will try the theme thing.  That’s what I am thinking today but I may change my mind you know.

It was wonderful having new peeps visit my blog and going round and visiting others.  I did not get to all that many and I did not comment on all I did visit.  My bad, I guess.  That discipline thing again.  Maybe I can plan my time better next year. 

I really do feel bad that I didn’t comment on every blog I visited. That was not very thoughtful of me and I apologize.  It’s just that there are so many in the challenge, which is great, but you have to sleep some time.


When I think of the work involved for those that put all this together I am amazed.  So dedicated and encouraging and busy!


Y’all must be exhausted!

Thank you for hosting the A to Z Challenge!

You are Super Bloggers!

Now you will have to excuse me, I see that I have less than a year to prepare for the 2013 challenge. So, I must start making notes for those April posts.


Or not…