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Thursday thoughts…

The weather is the weather.
You have to deal with whatever is out there.
Matt Cassel

Yesterday it rained all day. Not a nasty kind of rain, a nice rain. It was cool, but with no wind, just lots of low grey clouds and rain. It was a good day for looking out the window and daydreaming. I didn’t complain about the weather. Really, what good would that do other than to make me cranky?

And for some unknown reason it made me want to get something off my to-do list. So, that’s what I did. I went through piles of papers that needed to be sorted. Some papers were trash and to the trash they went. But there were a lot of papers that need to be kept and they got filed. I really don’t know why most of them must be kept, but I have been told to keep them and so I do. Anyway, that meant the files needed to be sorted through. And I did it! The “clean up papers and files” on the to-do list is done and scratched off. You know that feels good!

But back to the weather. Weather is what it is. No point in complaining about it. Last summer I complained everyday about the heat and humidity. Did it change anything? No. Well, it did change my usual easy going happy self into someone I didn’t like. Most of the summer was miserable, not because of the weather but because of my attitude. So, I have decided that like my files, my attitude will be clean and neat, with the worthless thrown out and the needed stuff kept. I may need a reminder of this in July and August.

If I write negatively,
someone should send a comment reminding me
of what I have written today.

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Tuesday, a rant about complainers…

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Why is it that some people are never happy?  I don’t understand them at all!  I mean really, it feels better to be happy than not. Other people like being around you if you are happy but find you bothersome if you are always complaining.

These thoughts have come about because of someone I know who is never happy about anything.  To everything there is a down side.  Try as I might to help her see the sunshine she only sees the dark stormy clouds.  It is so hard to not argue with her.  She counters all comments with a complaint.  It is very frustrating.

Once she said to me that I was very lucky to have friends who are willing to help me when I need help, because her friends are too busy to be any help to her. It is true I have only to ask for help, sometimes I don’t even have to ask, they are just  there for me.  Yes, I am greatly blessed, and I know it.  I feel like telling my cranky friend that if she was more pleasant to be around maybe her friends would be more apt to spend time with her.

I guess this is a rant, a complaining one at that.  I know I have become impatient with this woman, and that is unkind and not very generous of me.  I just really really really hope I don’t grow up to be like her, lonely, unhappy, bitter, and plain miserable.

Today, I think I want my friends to be honest with me; and if I get to be awful and miserable to be around when I am old(er), that they will slap me up the side of the head and remind me of the blessed life I live.

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Saturday, someday…

An assortment of United States coins, includin...
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Today is Saturday, September 25, 2010

Yesterday was payday.  It is always such a good feeling going to the bank to make the payday deposit.  Signing the back of the piece of paper that represents the hours I worked.  Not a reward or gift but what I earned.  Handing it to the teller and getting another piece of paper confirming that I did get paid and the money is in my account.

The high of it all is short-lived though.  After the trip to the bank it is time to go home and pay the piper as they, or someone, or whoever, says.  So quickly it is gone baby gone.  Don’t get me wrong I appreciate all I have that the paycheck pays for, even the boring stuff  like insurance and utilities and such.  I have a nice place to live and I am never hungry without the resources to buy food and I have more clothes than closet space.  But I would like to have some of this paycheck left when I get the next one.  It may not seem I am grateful that I have a job but I am.

Someday I will stop complaining and just be grateful.  Someday I will learn to budget.  But I am pretty sure that will not be any day soon.