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A bit of a rant…

This is going to be a bit of a rant.  Just bear with me until I get it all out.


  • In October the app I used to keep track of my checking and savings account disappeared. One day it was there and the next, poof, gone.  Even the files in my folders were gone. Seems the app I was using no longer supported the free version and it was deleted. It is possible, even probable, that they tried to contact me but I had the thing for ten years or so and in that time my email changed more than once so…my bad. I did manage to reconcile the accounts. It’s not like I have a lot of money to keep track of but it was a bother.
  • Then I looked for another app. Another bother sorting through a lot of nonsense to find one that doesn’t just record transaction but that can also be used to reconcile. I prevailed and found one and started using it in November. All was well or so I thought.
  • On January 3 my computer was updated. A Windows 10 update.
  • On January 4 I went to the new app to add a transaction. To my surprise, there was no app. The box that popped up said the app could not be opened and I should notify the system admin to reinstall or repair. That would be me.
  • Okay, I spent an hour trying to figure out what to do. The fact that the new app had disappeared like the old one made me a little angry. They did have my current email.
  • After spending almost another hour with the Virtual Assistant with no success I was told I needed to speak to a person.


  • I signed in to do that and was #21 in line. Only took about 20 minutes and a person typed hello and off we went. Took about 15 minutes for her to decide that the problem was because of the update. Seems it wiped out a bunch of  Microsoft apps. That didn’t matter to me. I don’t use those apps except for the money one.
  • It took about an hour to do what needed to be done and all the apps were back and functioning except for, you guessed it, the money app. Then the connection was broken. It was now 2:30 am. I went to bed.


  • Today, I uninstalled the update and went to the previous version of Windows 10 that I have been using. The icon for the money app popped up on my taskbar. \O/
  • However, when I clicked on it it would flash the home screen and then, yep, disappear.
  • I uninstalled and reinstalled the app. Same thing happened. I said bye-bye and went looking for another app.
  • Took over an hour but I found a free one…there are lots you have to pay for with the features I want but not so with the free ones.
  • I have the new one installed and have January set up. And I have a headache.


What I don’t understand is that the Microsoft apps went away but not the Google stuff. Windows 10 is a Microsoft product and it wipes out its own apps. Weird.

I have not been a happy camper the last couple of days. Computers as wonderful as they are can be a pain in the butt!  Of course, I could simply take care of the bank stuff with a paper check register and pencil but I am a woman of the 21st century! I am not an old fuddy-duddy clinging to the past.


Okay, end of rant. I feel better. Thanks for reading.
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Saturday, no communication…

What a bother, internet access problems

Hi Peoples!

Mama and I haven’t been around because of this;

IMAG00212a broken down no good modem.

Mama didn’t know what was wrong last Saturday but she could not get online so anything she wrote didn’t go anywhere.

Sunday she called the internet access people and a recording said the wait time for assistance was about 90 minutes.   Mama hates being on the phone so she just hung up.  But I told her if she didn’t talk to them she couldn’t be online.  She said she would try again Monday.  And she did.  The wait was only 5 minutes.

A nice man, Mario, figured out the problem and ordered her a new modem.  She got it Wednesday and installed it on Thursday.  Of course, I helped, making sure all the cables were the right color and plugged in the right places.


She did have to call the access people again but there was no wait and a nice man, Tim, got everything in working order.

This computer stuff is sometimes a bother–like when there is no communication.  And when you have a computer user like Mama who is a non-techie it is a big bother.  I don’t know much about computers but then I am a cat, you know, and we have our priorities and limits.  But, I did what I could.

IMAG0011 I checked to make sure we were all plugged in and powered up before we said good-by to the nice man.  Didn’t want to have to call back and be on hold.   That would have made Mama cranky and we really don’t want that.

And here is the brand new working just fine modem


This trouble-shooting stuff has worn me out

IMAG0020time for a snooze.

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Monday, musings…


Custom Moleskine Planner & iPod touch
Image by Mike Rohde via Flickr


Today is Monday, October 11, 2010


I use three calendars, four, if you count the one at work.  One of the calendars is on the computer, it is the master calendar.  It has birthdays, appointments, work schedule, and to-do’s on it.  The second is on my phone, it has appointments and dates with friends, but no birthdays or to-do’s.  The third calendar is a paper daily planner diary sort.  It has most of what is on the computer calendar but also has little notes to myself on it.  The one at work just reminds me what day it is and if it is payday, so I really do not count that one.

Why in the world do I need three calendars?  Well, the one on the phone is always with me and if someone wants to make plans I can check it and confirm dates.  The computer calendar is the one I have depended on for  a few years to keep track of everything.  One day I got to thinking about computer crashes and what I would do if this laptop of mine went BAM and I lost all my stuff.  So the birth of the paper planner/diary.

I know I will keep the phone calendar because  like I said I have it with me all the time.  However, I am thinking that perhaps the paper calendar can take over the computer one.  Most of the people I know use the paper daily planner kind, but I love my computer calendar with all its colors and little stickers.  And it seems so today, like I am on the cutting edge, a real techie type.

I think for now I will just stay with three calendars but it does seems  a bit excessive, especially for someone who works part-time and is not super social or even very busy.  Maybe I have OCD or something?