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“May the forces of evil become confused on the way to your house.”
George Carlin


“Oh, come on, this is another dead end!  I knew I should have gone with you to the meeting  to get our assignment.  We don’t have forever to get this done.  You do know our time here is limited don’t you?”

“Yeah, I know. Stop yelling at me!  Let me think.”

“I’ll let you think not that it’ll help.  You don’t have the brains you left Heaven with.  Why I ever got stuck with you for the last few hundred years I don’t know.  I keep asking for another devil to work with but the boss says I gotta learn to get along and make do. Keeps telling me he doesn’t have all the resources he would like to have since you know Who kicked him out.  Do you even know where we are going?”

“Of course, I know where we are going.  What?!  You think I don’t listen when the boss talks?”

“Okay, so where are we going?”

“Our assignment is at the house of the good people and I know where they live”

“So what’s the problem?”

“I don’t know how to get to there.”


“Well, I got confused in Cleveland.”

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Saturday, the clock is ticking…

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Roll the dice and decision made.

images (33)Yep, it’s that time for me.   I will officially be old next year and Uncle Sam says I must make this decision during the open enrollment time…now.

Yesterday I spent a lot of time on the computer getting confused information.  I think I have made a decision on whether  to take the “Original Medicare” plan or to go with a “Medicare Advantage” plan.

But then maybe I really haven’t.

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Think I’ll shuffle the cards again.

Today, I think I will make a decision tomorrow…or the next day…or next week…
I’ve got some official middle age left before I really have to put my cards on the table.
Just not as much  as my ditzy self wants.

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Monday, whine,etc…

crying cat  #cat

Image by 鸵鸵 via Flickr

So here goes a bit of a whine…

There are some blogs that when I want to “like” the post I have to fill out a little form thingie.  Grrrr. I cannot do this.  I try but it doesn’t work for me.  I am challenged by unnecessary “paperwork”.

All I want to do is let the blogger know that I like what they wrote…I may not have a great, interesting, pithy, wise, funny, or helpful thing to say…I just want them to know I stopped by and liked what I read!

So fellow bloggers I understand the need to foil the spammers of the world in comments but do they spam the like button?  Really, do they?

And…something else that is bugging me…

Pink Ladybug
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For some unknown reason when a post of mine is emailed to a subscriber…you know who you are…the first paragraph of the post is not showing up on the email.  I have no idea why and so far none of the helpers at WP forums know why either.

The WP helpers are a great bunch of folks and I have bugged them many times since I have been on WP and have always had my issues resolved.  I am optimistic about this glitchie thingie…they will help me find an answer.  Either that or this is no answer.  There are people that think I am impossible.

Anyway…if you subscribe by email and read the post on your email and don’t come here to read you aren’t getting the first paragraph. You probably think I am one of those people who start conversations in the middle…I had a roommate that did that…drove me crazy.  So for your sanity read the blog here not there.  It looks nicer here anyway.


You know technology is a wonderful thing, sort of, if you know what you are doing.

Today, I think I am not only impossible I am confused and cranky.


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Tuesday, I am confused…

not so smart cat

Image by Blondie5000 via Flickr

Here are some facts about me:

I like my cat waking me up—I don’t like being awakened.

I like summertime—I don’t like it hot and humid.

I like wintertime—I don’t like cold wind.

I like flip-flops—I don’t like my toes exposed.

I like my job—I don’t like going to work.

I like saving money—I don’t like not spending money.

I like early morning—I don’t like getting up early in the morning.

I like when I make a decision—I don’t like having to decide.

I like when I’ve had my haircut—I don’t like getting haircuts.

I like taking long walks—I don’t like wearing shoes.

Today I think I am not only a bit ditzy but a lot confused.