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Brave heart…

“Courage is the power to let go of the familiar.”
Raymond Lindquist

This quote got me to thinking about the relationship of courage and power.
Many think powerful people are courageous people
because they influence people, run companies, lead countries,
have the final word on issues, can make or break others.
But does their power always mean they have courage?


Perhaps it is courage that gives true power.
Not the outward power of the dynamic and forceful,
but the inner courage of brave hearts that take a chance.
The brave hearts that break away, alone, and risk
everything without full knowledge of what is outside
their familiar cocoon.

I have never been and likely never will be a powerful woman.
But I have at times had courage, not world changing courage,
but courage all the same.
I have made decisions, life-changing decisions, and stood my ground
when told I was wrong or threatened with words and actions.
Those naysayers may have had my best interests at heart
though some were only concerned with their own position and opinion,
the last word had to be mine in order for me to have any peace in my heart.

Having the courage to make those decisions did indeed give me
the power to leave what was familiar to do the right thing.
When I look back at the young woman I was and wonder
where she found the courage to be powerful I marvel at her
and I am thankful she followed her brave heart.

Pet the cat to see what the prompt inspired others to write.
Pet the cat to see what the prompt inspired others to write.

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Fear, courage and me…

Today I am linking to
In Other Words and Two Shoes Tuesday
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In Other Words
“Courage is fear that has said its prayers.”
Dorothy Bernard
Two Shoes Tuesday
You or I


I don’t know about you, but I have dealt with a lot of fear in my life.
Some real fears and some imagined.
Often imagined fear, the what if’s, is worse than real fear.

Anxiety is the “what if” imagined kind of fear.
I used to deal with it all the time.
Not a day went by that I wasn’t afraid of what might or could happen.
There were times I couldn’t leave my apartment.
There were panic attacks.

I knew about the power of prayer from my gramma, but I wasn’t convinced.
I thought maybe it was a coincidence when prayers were answered.
Then I gave it a shot. At that point, I figured I had nothing to lose.
At first my prayers were tentative. I was afraid to pray. “What if” it didn’t work?
Then I bargained.  I will do this or that if my fear will be taken away.
Finally, my prayers became less about how to not be afraid to how to have courage.

 I learned prayers are answered.
Maybe not instantaneously or the way I want them answered but
they are answered in the way that brings the greatest blessing.

Have I conquered fear?
No, but it doesn’t overwhelm and imprison me like it once did.
Fear and anxiety are not everyday occurrences anymore.
There are times it threatens and times it takes over but I have learned to pray
for the courage I need to face those real and imagined fears.
Now I know prayers are answered and it is not coincidence.

Pet the cat to see the words of others.
Pet the cat to see the words of others.
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Click on the shoes to see what others have to say.

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Courage vs Fear…In Other Words

In Other Words

“Courage is fear that has said its prayers.”
Dorothy Bernard

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Friday, Daily Prompt, share a favorite quote…

Do you have a favorite quote that you return to again and again? What is it, and why does it move you?

I collect quotes and have lots that I like.  There are several that are favorites but one that I think of quite often is something that ee cummings said;

“It takes courage to grow up and become who you really are.”

This is so true!  It doesn’t matter how old we are; we are never really grown up.  Bigger and older on the outside maybe.  But inside we are all little kids just trying to make sense of the world and trying to find where we fit in the scheme of things.

kittensWhat seems to be the easy thing to do is to be whoever and whatever others think we are…or should be.  In some ways that is the easy way, little conflict and rarely confrontation.  At least not that anyone, including ourselves, can see.  But it is a different story inside our heads and hearts.


When we take a path of non-resistance or blind obedience there is a lot of conflict and little peace within.  We hurt ourselves and in the end we hurt others.  In this world, wherever we find ourselves, we are in that place for a purpose that no one else can fulfill. That place and purpose is ours alone to make whole and complete.


When we take the easy way and become someone we were never meant to be everybody loses.  It takes “courage to become who you really are” and great strength to overcome all those around us who want what they think is best for us. Be strong, life is good if you don’t weaken.