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Wednesday, I is for improvise…


I like people who  improvise.  

The have great imaginations and ideas.  
If something needs to be done they can figure out a way to do it.   
No need to do something the way it has always been done.
Just tell them what is needed and they will find a way to accomplish the task
with what is available to them without making a big fuss.



Today, I think the most creative people are those who can improvise.

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Thursday, inspired to think about it…

Cat On Pillow

I am a collector of crafty things to do. When I see something that I just know is something I would like to do I collect the information about it.  I then put the pictures and info some place “safe” so I don’t lose them.  I haven’t lost a single file, although, some are so “safe” I haven’t seen them in years.

This to say I found a project I am going to have to do (read that collect).  It is on a blog site I subscribe to that has lots of DIY stuff on it…lots of things for me to collect and keep safe.  The blog is Centsational Girl and her post on no-sew pillow covers just got my creative juices flowing.  I have several pillows that could use new covers or in a couple of instances, a cover.  I can hardly wait to get started but wait I must—I have no cloth napkins.

Now see here is the  problem, the no cloth napkins thing.

 So I am going to put the instructions in a safe place and one day in the  future, probably in the distant future,  I will dig it out and remember that I really wanted to do this crafty thing.  Sorry Kate, but I am a PROcrastinator.  I really like the idea though.  

Today, I am thankful that talented and creative people share  their gifts.  They are inspiring.

I really am planning on making these covers.  Maybe somebody needs to hold me accountable. You up to it, my friend?


Thursday, thanks…

Looking for that squirrel...

Today is Thursday December 2, 2010

I am rarely, very rarely, bored. I am not talking about the occasional  bout of the  “I have done the same thing for hours and I have had enough” doldrums. I am talking about being bored because your friends can’t come out and play so “I am stuck with myself” boredom. I don’t understand people who are often bored because they don’t have someone to entertain them. Either they are as dumb as a bag of grits or they don’t like  themselves much.  I mean really, how do  people get bored?   I think they must be boring people–they aren’t even interesting to themselves– how could they possibly be interesting to someone else?

Maybe I have an unusually developed imagination or a disorder of some sort.  I can sit and think and wonder and dream for hours.  If it wasn’t for daily stuff that needs  done I think I could daydream endlessly and quite happily.  Some, if not most, of my best decisions have come out of time spent talking to myself.  I am most creative after extended periods of daydreaming, I think this is true of most  people.

I guess those who are often bored are dull and uninteresting and not creative or entertaining and they don’t like themselves.  How sad.

I am so thankful that I was given a healthy dose of imagination.