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Wednesday, writing whatever…


While reading this morning’s newspaper…
yes, I still get a real paper newspaper…
I had my mind boggled.

Image by skeeze from Pixabay

There was a story about two people who were walking down a busy street by a city park at 3:30 in the afternoon.  A car driven by a woman with two men in it stopped and a man with a gun got out of the car and forced the two people to give him their phone.  The man got back in the car and they drove away.  There were witnesses who called 911 and comforted the two people who were robbed until the sheriff’s deputy got there. The deputy took the witnesses and victim’s statements then took the victims home.

I know this kind of stuff happens all the time and it is shocking to think people are robbed at gunpoint at any time.  Somehow it is more shocking when it is on a busy street in broad daylight. Now here is the mind-boggling part,

The people who were robbed at gunpoint were two girls, 11 and 12 years old!

The thieves are still at large.
Probably feeling big and brave and smart.
Obviously, they are small and cowardly and stupid.

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Thursday, realistic cops and criminals…

Black Cat Book Review


Critical Pursuit by Janice Cantore

When she was a child Brinna Caruso was kidnapped, abused, tied to a pole in the desert and left to die.  Her dramatic rescue is what eventually leads to the career she now has as a cop with a search and rescue dog, Hero.  Her mission is to find missing children; she will do whatever it takes to find them.

Because of a recent successful search and rescue of a child the media wants to know more about her and Hero.  A journalist is given permission to ride along with them during one of their night-time patrol shifts.  During this shiftcrit Brinna is involved in a fatal shooting of a suspect.  She becomes the focus of an investigation by a high-profile attorney known for her cases against the police department.  The investigation is fueled by the less than flattering article written by the ride along journalist.

During this time Brinna is teamed with ex-homicide detective Jack O’Reilly who is fighting his own demons since the tragic death of his pregnant wife.  Neither of them are happy with the pairing but it is only for two weeks and they decide to make the best of it.  While they are partnered the twin granddaughters of a friend of Brinna’s are kidnapped.  The MO of the kidnapper is much like the man who took Brinna 20 years ago, a man believed to have died years ago.  What ensues is the reliving of a nightmare for Brinna and the reawakening in the spirit of Jack.

This is an exciting story without unrealistic stunts and heroism often found in police dramas.  The author is a retired police officer and writes from experience with a realism that is refreshing.  There is also the back story of faith lost and regained and the struggles of both Brinna and Jack to reconcile with the God they don’t want to acknowledge but desperately need.


This book was sent to me without charge by Tyndale House Publishers in exchange for this review.


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Saturday, twice gone…

A Black Cat Book Review

The Girl Who Disappeared Twice
by Andrea Kane

Thirty-two years ago Hope’s twin sister was kidnapped.  Today her daughter has been kidnapped.  What are the odds of a kidnapping happening twice in the same family?  What are the odds that they could be connected?

Hope’s sister was never found and her family fell apart because of the tragedy. Hope cannot imagine what life would be like if Krissy is not found, alive.

Hope is a family court judge and her husband is a high-profile defense attorney.  Every possible law enforcement agency has been called in on the case.  But that is not enough for Hope, she hires Forensic Instincts.

Forensic Instincts is a team of investigators with a wide range of skills and abilities.  There is a behaviorist, an ex-Navy SEAL, a technology geek, and a clairvoyant.   This team will do what ever they must to bring Krissy home.  Their methods are often unconventional and sometimes, if not illegal, not strictly by the book.

With the police and FBI experts working the usual routes to solve this kidnapping Forensic Instincts does their thing.  They all know time is running out for a happy ending.

Although, I knew by page 208 who had Krissy, I was surprised by the details.  This book is exciting and has some crazy twists to it.  It was hard to put down.

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Monday, not just a pet…

Everyone knows I am crazy for cats, but I do like dogs, too.  If where I live had a yard I would have a dog for sure.  Growing up there were lots of animals; cats, dogs, hamsters, mice, and birds.  We also had turtles and fish; they were okay but hard to get close to, if you know what I mean. For a while there were chickens but that’s a post for another time.

Anyway, all that to say I am a softy for the furries and feathered.  And when there is a book with animals in it I am pretty certain I will like it.  And I did like this one:


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