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Friday, do you like your hair?

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Do you like your hair?  I mean in general, the color, texture, thickness, curliness or straightness, do you like it?  Most people don’t like their hair.

When I was a teenager I hated my hair.  The color was great, a dark auburn, but it was curly.  There was no way for me to have the fashion of the day, long and straight with bangs.  I tried everything. Big big big rollers that made it nearly impossible to sleep. Ironing, which was dangerous to do yourself in the day before the nifty irons we have now. I used a regular ole iron that I used to iron my clothes, not very comfortable or safe.   I also used straightening solutions that smelled horrible and did make my hair straight for a day or two then turned it to dry frizz.

Then in my twenties big hair was in.  With fine curly hair this too was a problem.  But I discovered “wiglets”; small hair pieces, that I styled in tumble curls.  Voila!  Big hair!

In the next hair incarnation I would blow it dry and use a curling iron to smooth it out.  The style was fine but now the dreaded grey was an issue.  So then color was applied every few weeks.  What a bother.

Nowadays, I go for the natural look.  Grey and curly.  As long as it is short it looks pretty good.  Of course, I seem to have a hard time getting to the hairdresser, I just don’t like going. Which is strange since I was a hairdresser for years in another life.  But that is a story for some other time.6414_1193373518359_1349041552_549719_4101828_n

Today I think I am just rambling on about hair because I need a haircut and I am trying to talk myself into going to get it done.

And I am curious about how people feel about their hair.