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Thursday thoughts…

It is really complicated to make something simple,
but really simple to make something complicated.
Cool Funny Quotes

I have a good reason for why today’s post is later than usual.
Just read the quote above the picture of Teddy.

I am not a the greatest computer user around. I am not the worst but there are times the computer is, shall we say , a challenge. Today it has been a challenge. I use an app when I write. Or I used to use it. Not long ago it stopped working when I write a blog post. It works fine on comments but not when I write a post.

So, I contacted the app’s customer service. They got back to me right away with what to do and they would help me fix the problem. I was happy to hear from them so quickly but the instructions they sent me were complicated! At least to me, I guess they are simple to techie wizards. I texted again and told them duh…huh? They texted back and “clarified” the instructions. Well, sort of. I went to where I was told to go on my computer and started the process.

But there was a big warning thingie that had all kinds of warnings and exclamation points about making any changes there. Kinda scary. Actually, very scary! I thought about doing what they told me to do. They are the experts and wouldn’t tell me to do something that would destroy my computer, right? Most likely I just don’t understand the instructions. But I do understand that when something is too complicated for me comprehend it is better to leave well enough alone

So, where does that leave me? With no editing help here except when I make comments. Oh, I will continue to write. I will just plod along with my English knowledge as a high school dropout. Things might not be perfect but you know how I feel about perfection. If you don’t, read Monday musings that I wrote July 5.

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Something to celebrate…

Today I Celebrate the Small Things


A few weeks ago I got a letter telling me that
the way I connect to the internet was being phased out by my carrier
and that I needed to upgrade or I would not have service.
What a bother.
I put it off but then I had a problem with my connection and
decided I might as well get the upgrade done now.
I called to get the deed done and was asked if I wanted a
technician to do the install or would I do it myself?

Today the technician came to set it up.
He was great.
On time, polite, respectful and had a sense of humor.
In no time, he replaced two phone jacks and installed the new equipment.
Not only did he do that but he also programmed the TV, Kindle, and Nook.
Took him all of forty-five minutes.
Now that is something to celebrate!

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Observing kindness…

Kindness Challenge Week 2
Observe Kindness Around You


I cannot count the ways my friends and co-workers show kindness to me. One example is transportation. It is less than fifteen minutes from where I live to where I work. I don’t drive and to get to work by bus would take an hour.  But co-workers and friends are kind and thoughtful giving me rides to and from work. Truly, I cannot put into words my appreciation for this kindness.  My friends also often take me to the grocery though three stores are within walking distance of my apartment.  They take me to the mall or Lowe’s or Target so I don’t have to take the bus or taxi.  When I have a doctor’s appointment if I need a ride someone is always willing to take me.  There is much kindness in my life!

This week I took extra care to see kindnesses of people who serve.  Waitresses and waiters, cashiers and clerks can be less than friendly or inattentive at times but I saw many instances of patience and kindness extended to their customers.  A young cashier at the drugstore was very patient with an older woman who was having a hard time getting her money out of her wallet and then some difficulty counting it out to give to him.  He smiled and talked with her helping her with her purchase efficiently but not hurriedly. And there was the bus driver that helped an elderly man get on and off the bus without being asked and not condescendingly, he wanted to help his rider. Those are just two examples of people taking the time to be kind not because they have to but because they want to.There  are many kindnesses out there that go unnoticed. It is a wonder to see them.

A tip that Niki suggested was to not watch the news for the week. There is not much kindness found there. No problem.  I don’t have TV service.  The only thing I use my TV for is to watch Netflix.  I do sort of read the newspaper. I read the headlines and sometimes scan the article. That’s enough for me then it is on to the comics and puzzles.

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Tuesday, good and bad customer service…


Today I was out and about walking and shopping.
I shopped in three stores.

Two of them had friendly, but not clingy, staff.
They asked if I needed help.
If I did they helped if not they left me alone
but did come back after awhile to see if I was still doing okay.
When I was ready to check out they were right there to help.
Good customer service.  Nice places to shop.

The third place was so different.
No one asked if I needed help.
When I did have a question about the price of an item
I was buying…it rang up different than the sign on the shelf…
I was told what it rings up as is right the sign was probably wrong.
I asked if it could be checked…probably wrong didn’t seem definitive to me…
I was told no the cash register is usually right.
Somehow “probably and usually” doesn’t seem like good customer service.
Bad customer service.  Not a nice place to shop.

I have always had jobs that were sales and customer oriented.
What I learned is that sales are better when the atmosphere is pleasant and friendly.
I also learned that whatever I am feeling or thinking
is not as important as the customer.

Maybe I am leaving ditzy behind and becoming crotchety with old age.

images (86)

Today, I think I don’t like crotchety so I probably won’t go back
to the usually unfriendly unhelpful store any time soon.

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Monday, N is for nifty new Nook…

About a week ago I bought myself a ColorNook with my tax refund. I have wanted one since I saw one that my friend has. I read a lot and think this will be another way to have a reading stash. Especially nice that it won’t require another bookcase.

It did take me most of a day to get the wi-fi thingie set up. I needed to have my AT&T wi-fi password. Not only did I not remember the password I didn’t even remember having one to start with. The first contact with AT&T I was told to go to a web site and it would tell me how to get the password. Sounded easy-peasy. However, you need your password to get access to your account to get your password. Hmmmm…very interesting.

Alien2 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

With the second contact it seems the customer service person and I live on different planets. I was unable to explain exactly what I needed and why and I became kinda frustrated and decided to end the conversation, politely of course, and try again another day.

On another day, I connected with a person that knew exactly what I wanted and why–maybe she has a Nook–and in less than five minutes I was ready to go ! \O/

So, now I have my calendar, reminders, to-do list, Pandora, notes, email, and Hangman game all loaded and have used them.  And I have a case to keep my new toy protected.

I do not have any books on it though. Why, you ask? Because I have four books from the library, one from a friend, and one to review for Tyndale that I want to read before I get any other books. Who has time to read something on a Nook?

I can hardly wait until I do have time to read a book on my nifty new

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Thursday, thankful for kind attitudes…

Piggly Wiggly logo

Image via Wikipedia

Something that I think is really nice: when people who work in stores take time to acknowledge the customers.

I shop at least 3 times a week at a grocery store that is around the corner of where I work.  I see the same check out people and clerks every week.  I will always acknowledge them with nod and smile and sometimes say “hi, how are you?”.  Most respond in kind and some don’t.

There is one woman who works in the customer service area I pass  when I leave the store.  She never fails to look up and smile and say hello or nice to see you or have a good day.  She blesses me with her kind and friendly attitude.

I am thankful for people like the Piggly Wiggly clerk.  They make the day-to-day, kind of boring, shopping for necessities a bit more pleasant.  They just make any day better.

Today I am thankful, and tomorrow I am going to ask the Piggly Wiggly clerk her name and write a note to the manager telling him what a great employee he has.