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D is for dancing…

D4PThere was a little girl who

wanted to be a dancer, a gypsy dancer on Broadway.


She took dance lessons twice a week.

She loved everything about dance.

She loved the music and the classes and the practice
and the recitals and the costumes and the shoes.


Especially the shoes.

But the little girl knew early on that she
probably wasn’t meant for a chorus line on Broadway.

Seemed like she was always a bit ahead of the music.. or a bit behind.
When the other dancers were going left she often went right.
If they went right she turned around.

It was discouraging.
She so loved to dance.

The little girl thought hard and decided
she would be a dancer on Broadway.
But not in the chorus line.

She would be the star!


Everybody knows the chorus line keeps in step with the star.
She would be a leader not a follower.

Problem solved.

Image shoes: morgueFile

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