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The A to Z Challenge
letter for today is
i4pI love to use my imagination and daydream.
I have been a daydreamer all my life.
I see nothing wrong with it
But I seem to be in the minority these days.


These days no one wants a child to be bored.
When I was a kid it was ok to be bored.
It happened a lot.
Adults didn’t think it important or even necessary to entertain us.
We were expected to find things to do.
We had to use our imaginations
We could color or draw, read or write, do puzzles of one sort or another.
play games, make up stories or just be still.
Sometimes just being still was the best!

I remember laying in the grass watching clouds finding pictures in them.
Or being fascinated by ants going about their business.
Once I watched a mother bird encouraging her baby to try its wings,
I loved to watch the chipmunks play running up and down the drainpipes.
It was great fun to watch squirrels fill their cheeks with acorns and dig holes to bury them.
Then they would dig them up and bury them a foot away.
All of these little diversions led to mind meanderings and wonderings.
Somehow, the day wasn’t boring anymore it was filled with possibilities.

Now, kids seem to need to have someone or something to entertain them.
I think that’s kind of sad.
Who will be the visionaries of tomorrow if there is no one
imagining and daydreaming today?

And today I
Celebrate The Small Things;
like mind meanderings and wonderings, imagining and daydreaming.
If I didn’t have times that are “wasted” doing nothing I am pretty sure
my occasional ditziness would become full-time insanity.

Image: pixabay


Thursday, thanks…

Looking for that squirrel...

Today is Thursday December 2, 2010

I am rarely, very rarely, bored. I am not talking about the occasional  bout of the  “I have done the same thing for hours and I have had enough” doldrums. I am talking about being bored because your friends can’t come out and play so “I am stuck with myself” boredom. I don’t understand people who are often bored because they don’t have someone to entertain them. Either they are as dumb as a bag of grits or they don’t like  themselves much.  I mean really, how do  people get bored?   I think they must be boring people–they aren’t even interesting to themselves– how could they possibly be interesting to someone else?

Maybe I have an unusually developed imagination or a disorder of some sort.  I can sit and think and wonder and dream for hours.  If it wasn’t for daily stuff that needs  done I think I could daydream endlessly and quite happily.  Some, if not most, of my best decisions have come out of time spent talking to myself.  I am most creative after extended periods of daydreaming, I think this is true of most  people.

I guess those who are often bored are dull and uninteresting and not creative or entertaining and they don’t like themselves.  How sad.

I am so thankful that I was given a healthy dose of imagination.