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Quotes & Questions 2018 #2…

watchingqDon’t let the noise of others’ opinions
drown out your own inner voice.”
Steve Jobs

In the past, I have often let the opinions of others make decisions for me.  These days I listen to their opinions and consider them then I do what I think is best.  Took work to get to this point but it was well worth the effort.

Are the opinions of others what makes your decision or do you use their opinions as help to make the decision?



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Decision reveal…

I wrote in an earlier Celebrate the Small Things post
about finally making a decision but I didn’t tell what it was
because I hadn’t yet told the people that really needed to know.
Well, now they know so I can let everyone know.

As of December 30th I am…
! Retired !

At least for now.
I am not sure I will like not working.
I guess I will know in a few weeks if I like being retired.
If I decide I need more structure or connections I will look for a part-time job.
Until then I’m just chillin’.

That’s my
Celebrate the Small Things
this week.

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Things done…


Today I am Celebrating the Small Things

After months of thinking about it, seeking advice, going back and forth about what to do, and being a bit crazed I have made my decision. Can’t tell you what it is just yet
but after New Years I will.

I am almost done with Christmas shopping. I don’t do anything major in the way of gifts, just little thought gifts. Usually, I make something but this year I did not. I might make cookies or something, though.

The bit of holiday decorating I do is done.

 I am ready for the holiday and it isn’t even the week of the big day.

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Friday, at last a decision…


Today is the day I Celebrate the Small Things.
So today I am celebrating  a decision.

Usually I am pretty good with deciding things.
I think and ponder, sometimes ask advice, research, make pro and con lists.
And make the decision fairly quickly.
Whatever I decide is usually fine and if it isn’t I can reconsider and do something else.
I mean really, nobody dies whatever I decide.

But this one took me almost two years to make!
And it is no big deal.  Just a little yes I will or no I won’t kind of thing.
But it took me forever.

Because, and this is silly, I was bothered by what other people might think.
That is so unlike me.

Anyway, the decision is made and I have told who I need to tell.
And the earth is still spinning around the sun.

So today I celebrate my decision.


Today, I think I will celebrate with some chocolate and wine.
I will go back on my diet tomorrow.

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Saturday, the clock is ticking…

images (30)

Roll the dice and decision made.

images (33)Yep, it’s that time for me.   I will officially be old next year and Uncle Sam says I must make this decision during the open enrollment time…now.

Yesterday I spent a lot of time on the computer getting confused information.  I think I have made a decision on whether  to take the “Original Medicare” plan or to go with a “Medicare Advantage” plan.

But then maybe I really haven’t.

images (31)

Think I’ll shuffle the cards again.

Today, I think I will make a decision tomorrow…or the next day…or next week…
I’ve got some official middle age left before I really have to put my cards on the table.
Just not as much  as my ditzy self wants.

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