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N = name…

Have you wondered what your given
N2016ame means and if it fits you?

I have.
For the first years of my life, I was called Pat.
I never really liked Pat but it beat the heck
out of Patty or Patsy.

When in my mid-years I got a job in sales
and had to have business cards.
I decided to use my given N2016ame, Patricia,
on the cards because it better described me.
I thought using Pat was not defining enough;
it could be a man or woman’s name.
That’s when I had the realization that
I like my N2016ame, Patricia.
From then on I have been Patricia.

Patricia means patrician or noble.
I am not sure that the definition fits me.
I would like to think it does at least a little.

I did have two family nickN2016ames.
Daddy called me PJ and Ma called me Queenie.
Those are really my favorite N2016ames
but I don’t hear them anymore.
They are of the past.

That is my post for the letter

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