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M = marbles…


Have you ever been told that you have lost your

I have!
But those that have said so are the ones
who have lost their M2016arbles.
I may be a bit ditzy but I  know
where my M2016arbles are at all times.
Well, to be honest, I sometimes lose track
of some of them but I always know where
at least one  M2016arble is at all times.

I may not always know what’s going on around me.
But even at my ditziest there is always that
one M2016arble rolling around in my head
keeping me aware of what’s going on in there.
Sometimes it drives me crazy banging around in my head.
But it is important to hang onto that one M2016arble because
without it…
honestly, it’s better not think about that.

That’s my post for the letter

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