Friday, truth or tale... · whatever!

Friday, truth or tale…

I write a story that will be truth or tale.
Some stories will be 100% truth (or close to it) others will be 100% tale.
Most will be a little bit of both.
You can decide where the story belongs.

Image by Ryan McGuire from Pixabay

Every Easter the Easter Bunny would come on Saturday night and hide two baskets filled with goodies, one for a boy and one for a girl.  Each basket would have chocolate bunnies and eggs, jelly beans, and eggs their Mommy boiled and decorated. They weren’t sure how those eggs got in the baskets.  Maybe Mommy left a note for the Bunny or something.  There would also be toothbrushes because with all the candy their teeth would rot if they didn’t brush them. The best part was the surprise that would be in the baskets.  Something special just for them.

The brother and sister got up early on Easter morning and impatiently waited for Mommy and Daddy to wake up and have their coffee. Once the coffee was done with it was time to search for the baskets.  It was great fun.  The Easter Bunny was pretty good at finding hiding places in their house. When they found the baskets they would be so happy with all the candy and eggs but especially with the surprises chosen by the Easter Bunny.

One year when they showed their parents the baskets and the wonderful surprises Mommy and Daddy tried to tell them that the bubble bath was for the little girl and the cap gun was for the little boy. But they wouldn’t exchange the baskets.  The Easter Bunny knew what he was doing and gave each of them the perfect surprise. After that year the surprises were of a more general nature, like socks.