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Kind energy…

Kindness Challenge Week 3
Kind Energy


This week of the Kindness Challenge we were to think kind thoughts and act/react with kindness.  I found that I can act with kindness pretty easily but less so in reacting.   I see someone that needs something I usually will do what I can to help.  Not always but usually. Reacting with kindness is a bit more difficult.  I tend to react quickly without thought.  I have a temper that I control quite well. Or so I thought.  I learned that I may not “lose” my temper but I do shut down and turn away if something isn’t going the way I think it should.  This surprised me. Not very kind!  That brings me to the thinking kind thoughts.

Well,  seems it’s the temper thing again.  Maybe it was just an off week?  I had to work at thinking kindly. Not all the time but there were a couple of times when my first thoughts were not kind and I had to change the way I was thinking before I could respond in a kind way.

So where does this leave me?  I think I am basically kind but need to be more conscious of my thought patterns.  This week’s challenge has made me aware that I am less kind than I thought I was.  Not so much unkind as insensitive.  This week was a good wake up call.

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Saturday, time to lose…

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Here we go again.  Time to change the clocks.  Tonight, or to be accurate, early tomorrow morning, we spring ahead one hour.  This means we lose one hour of time.  I like the change to daylight savings time, it is nice to have longer days. 

But why do we do this?  Originally it was to save energy and help the farmers out.  Are we really saving energy?  And do the farmers really work that extra hour of daylight? 

And inquiring minds want to know, well, this inquiring mind wants to know, maybe you could care less.  Why can’t daylight savings time be the all the time time?  Even though, at my age I don’t like the thought of losing an hour of life I am fine with losing an hour once for the sake of extra daylight hours.  

Do you know who decided to do this time shifting anyway?  Who decided we should lose an hour?  It seems Uncle Sam did.  With the government behind this I am pretty sure we will never get our hour back.

Today, I think I have too many timepieces, 7 clocks and a watch.  It will take me an hour to get them all changed.  At least I don’t have to do the changing for the computer and phone…they are smart things, you know.

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Friday, frankly…

Today is Friday, October 22, 2010


What our life is like is to a large degree dependent on our attitude.  If we look at everything in a negative way our life will be in the negative–miserable–a big minus.  But when we have a positive attitude life is in the positive–it is good–a big plus.

We all know people, who as my mother said, would not be happy if you gave them a hundred dollars and the bills were wrinkled.  Some people want everything their way and everything that they want.  When they don’t get their way there is hell to pay for sure.  And often even if they get their way they are not happy for one reason or another.

What an awful way to live. (Not that I don’t sometimes fall into this mindset.) What a waste of energy; using up your life trying to be happy on your own terms, not seeing  or feeling anything but you.

It's All About Attitude!
copyright Semra Kennedy Smith used by permission

The folks that look at life with an open mind and heart live more fully.  They see and feel beyond themselves and reach out to all there is–not just what they want or see as desirable.  Positive people use their energy to enlarge their world not to limit it.  Everyone benefits from their attitude.

The main difference between the negative and positive types seems to be; those who are negative are rarely happy or content or satisfied with life while those who have a positive outlook  have contentment and joy.

I think it is all about the attitude!