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Exploration Explanation…

Three Line Tales, Week 49

tltweek49photo by Andrew Neel via Unsplash

Exploration Explanation

“Wait, before you go off and start exploring what do you expect to find there?” she quietly asked. “If we knew what was there we wouldn’t need to go in and explore the area, my dear,” he quite arrogantly answered. “Well, I definitely want a better explanation of why you’re wanting to do this exploration and what it is going to entail before I agree to have you do the surgery, Doctor,” she angrily replied.

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Thursday, lizard’s lesson…

Baby Lizard on grass

Image by YIM Hafiz via Flickr

The other day was a pretty ho-hum day.  I was at work and it was the usual work day, nothing to complain or exclaim about.  The sun was bright and the skies blue, it was hot hot hot, but that is normal for mid-summer in the land of Dixie.  Just the usual nothing special day.

I took a few minutes from work to go to the Piggly Wiggly that is in the shopping center next to us.  It is a small center with only about a dozen shops, most locally owned.  Between the parking area and the sidewalk there are small squares of grass and flowers, pretty.

As I was walking along feeling sorta blah, I looked down and between two grassy spots there was the tiniest chameleon skittering about.  He (I have no idea if he was a he or she but I just can’t call the creature it, it just seems wrong) had to be a baby because he was so very little.  He would run one way then another and in circles on the sidewalk. When he got to the grass he leaped up in the air and dived into the blades.  It must have seemed like a great green jungle to him.

I watched for a while as he explored his world looking like he was having the best time just being a chameleon in the jungle of grass and flowers.

Made me think; how much do I miss when I let the day be ho-hum and blah and not even see the wonder of the world around me?  I mean really, if a little critter can enjoy and appreciate the world he knows, it seems I am meant to do the same.

Today, I am thankful for the lesson learned from a bitty baby chameleon living life to the max. 

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Friday, frankly…

A Picture of a eBook
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Today is Friday, October 1, 2010

I am a reader.  Not much for magazines or newspapers and such but books.  I love books–have since I was a little girl reading about Dick, Jane, Sally, Spot and Puff.  One of my favorite things to do, maybe my very favorite, is to get comfy in my rocker with my feet on the ottoman, or tucked up under me, with a glass of iced tea in the summer or hot chocolate in the winter and a big ole book.

With books you can travel without leaving home, see new things and people, get reacquainted with places and people you once knew but may have forgotten,  learn about things that are strange and bizarre and scary or familiar and comfortable and lovely or challenging and hard.  You can enter worlds of mystery, love, crime, outer space, reality or fantasy.  Books have power;  power to make you laugh or cry, get angry or compassionate, educate and feed your imagination.  At any time, you can go anywhere, with anyone, past, present, or future.

I can get lost in a book and lose track of time.  Lots of other things do not get done.  Laundry, cleaning, exercising, whatever else that should  get done takes a back seat to the book.  Often, I will find myself thinking that at the end of this chapter I will close the book and go to bed.  Before I know it  I am still reading and it is two am.  Makes for some rough mornings.

I rarely buy books anymore.  Trying to clutter free my place–books are not clutter in my world but they do take up a lot of space.  And they need  dusting now and then which, of course, is hard to find the time to do with all the books that are out there to read.  Anyway, I am trying to simplify my space and be more “green” so I am a regular at the library.  Even as a child the library was one of my favorite places.

Now there are e-book readers.  I have never used one but I can understand the appeal of them.  They are small and light weight and can store hundreds if not thousands of books.  They are easy to carry, fitting in a pocket or purse.  Someday I may get one but I doubt it.  I like the feel and look of a book.  I like to feel the heft of it and to feel the pages. I like the look of the ink and typeface on the paper, especially creamy paper without any shine. I like turning the pages and having bookmarks to save my place. Somehow the new world e-book reader thingies really just don’t cut it in my old world.

Frankly, I love books.  Books are just plain super wonderful!