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Sometimes, like tonight, she was afraid of the dark.  It was so very dark and though she couldn’t see it she knew it was in the room and going to get her.  But she knew it was a coward and would run away scared when she started to cry for help.   All she had to do was cry out really loudly and the bravest of the brave would run to her and hold her in his arms and she wouldn’t be afraid anymore.

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Friday, killing secrets…

A Black Cat Book Review

Iron House by John Hart

Once an Insane Asylum, Iron House later became a poorly funded, badly managed hell-hole of an orphanage.  A place where bullies ruled and the weak were broken.  A place where two brothers survived because their love for each other was stronger than anything or anyone at Iron House.  A love that tragedy, separation, time, and fate could not defeat.

One brother, Julian, was adopted by a Senator and his wife.  He lives a life of privilege, loved and cared for by a devoted mother.  The other brother, Michael, ran away from Iron House and lived a life of street gangs until a crime boss noticed him and took him into the family.  Each brother found a way to cope with the loss of the other.  One slipping away into madness the other charging into the madness of organized crime and violence.

Abigail, Julian’s adoptive mother, has terrible secrets to keep. Michael and Julian have a devastating secret to keep.  Elena, Michael’s lover, is an innocent and doesn’t know much about secrets at least not the terrible kind.  Soon they will all learn each others secrets.

These four people; three damaged by the ugliness that can happen in life and one about to learn just how ugly life can be, are going to be thrown into unbelievable violence and cruelty where the strong destroy the weak.  The question is; what is strength and what is weakness?

This is a book of evil acts committed by irredeemable people and of the incredible beauty of love that cannot be denied or destroyed.  It is a story of love, the love of siblings, parents, lovers.  But be warned this is not an easy book to read.  There is great pain that you will feel and want to forget.