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Too hot!

Hello, everyone.

It is hot!

I mean like 100*

Teddy and I won’t stay out on the balcony
except for a little while in the early morning.
Mama isn’t really a get up early people so it doesn’t happen often.
Anyway, it is much nicer inside where there is cool air.

I would like it to cool down, but Mama says it
is going to be like this for at least another week.


I think this is how I will be spending the week,
relaxing in the chair and dreaming about feathers.
Have. I told you how much I love feathers?
No, well, maybe another day I will.


Ps. If you get a chance go see In Other Words.
You can write something and link it if you want.

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Monday, not the smartest tweeters in the trees…

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Do you know why there are so many pigeons?  Because they are very determined birds, they just never give up.  How do I know this?  Because there is a mama, or mama wanna be, pigeon who has decided to roost on my balcony.

A couple of years ago there was a pigeons nest out there that had little baby pigeons in it, still with their fluffy can’t fly yet feathers.  It was way back under a cabinet I have out there and I didn’t see it until I looked under it to see what had the cats so entranced.  Pigeons are lazy nest builders, just some sticks, or not, and a hiding place, or not.  Just about anywhere will do.

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Anyway, back to those baby birds.  I let them stay until they left the nest intending to clean it all up after they flew away.  When I went to clean there was a new baby bird.  Dang!  When it got it’s flying feathers and went I checked the nest and there were 3 eggs.  Well, I murdered the unborn birds.  I felt awful, but pigeon poop stinks really badly!

Last year no nest.  But this year I went out to enjoy the fresh air and sunshine and on one of the planters, 2 eggs.  Just sitting on the planter, no twigs or pine straw, nothing, just 2 eggs.  Once again I swept the unborn away.  It really does make me feel bad to do this, but trust me pigeon poop stinks.  The birds don’t seem to think so, they keep returning, but I know for a fact it smells terrible.

Pigeon Walking
Image by Steve Beger Photography ( Productions) via Flickr

Yesterday afternoon another mama was checking out the accommodations.  I frightened her away several times but I doubt she will stay away.  I have a feeling there will be more eggs to sweep away.  Really, I am a nice person.  I have tried several humane ways of discouraging nest-building and roosting, all to no avail.

Today, I think, well, not just today but most of the time, mama pigeons are not the smartest tweeters in the trees.