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Week 7 fill-ins…

Friendly Fill-Ins week 7


  1. My feelings get hurt when I think someone feels sorry for me because I live alone and have no family close by.

  2. I am excited about doing some updating in my kitchen, hopefully soon.
  1. When I have  decisions to make I think awhile, make a pro and con list and talk to someone first, then I usually just go with what my intuition tells me is the best thing to do.
  1. One time, I did something really stupid; that’s why I don’t judge other people for the choices they make.


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Thursday, not a holiday kinda peep…

images (66)I am not much of a Holiday kinda person.

images (67)

I am not a total Grinch.

images (70)

 But for the most part if I went to sleep Thanksgiving night and woke up New Years day that would be okay with me.

 Well, maybe I would like to have a couple of days to wander around the stores to look at the pretties.

images (71)

Oh, and I do like making little gifts to give in appreciation of friendship and love.

images (72)

Today, I think I have mixed feelings about the holidays.