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Friendly Fill-Ins, Week 35


I have seen more than a few rock bands but my all time favorite to see is symphony orchestras play in concert.


 I would like to attend a Cleveland Symphony Orchestra concert. It’s been too long!


 In the dead of Winter, I bake a lot.


 The main ringer on my cell phone is Calling You, it’s one of the choices that comes with the phone. 

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FFI and Celebrate…

Friendly Fill-Ins Week 23

1. It is good to have a spare ten dollars is my first thought, a roll of toilet paper my second, and a clean pair of panties my third.


2. I don’t understand why horror stories and films are so popular. I like a good scary mystery book or movie but no ghouls or gore.


3. The spookiest thing that ever happened to me was the times I knew that it was the last time I would see someone because they would die. This has happened several times, it is more sad than spooky.


4. My favourite Halloween tale is none that I can think of.


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And now on to
Celebrate The Small Things

This week I am thankful for
1. The new news about the bad news of a couple of weeks ago.
The bad news is not as bad as first thought. \O/
2. As bad as I was feeling last night and this morning
this evening I feel fine.
3. A neighbor is going to help me fix the keyless door lock that I broke
trying to change the battery.
4. The great video that Annie at McGuffey’s Reader shared
Cat Watching Horror Movie

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Friendly Fill-Ins of mine…

Friendly Fill-Ins Week 17

  1. My favorite way to exercise is walking. I haven’t done much this summer because of the heat but now that it is cooling down a bit I will get back to it.


  1. Something I learned last week was how good I feel when I get up around 7:30-8:00. Much earlier than that and I tire quickly during the day much later and I have little energy feeling logy and dull.


  1. I am sentimental about nothing that I can think of.


4.  Some people might find it surprising to know I have never gone back to the place
      where I was born and raised and after 38 years have no desire to.


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I can get crazy…

Friendly Fill-Ins
Week 6


  1. The best brand of soda is Coke. I am addicted to it.  My favorite is Vanilla Coke but I only see it once in awhile. When I do I try to stay calm and not over-react like a crazy lady.
  2. I refuse to buy anything except food unless there is a sale or a coupon. I am not a crazy coupon lady, sometimes I just buy something I want when I want it, coupon or no coupon.
  3. I am inspired by nature.  If I am sad, angry or upset about something going for a walk or just sitting outside will get me off the crazy track back to my usual pleasant self. 
  4. Whenever I watched TV, I would become discontented with my life and the things in it…or not in it. It would make me crazy. I think it was the ads with their unrealistic take on life.  I solved that problem by disconnecting the TV cable service.  I also don’t read many magazines because of the ads and the slickness of the articles.
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