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My friend and I
had lunch and
Tuesday Chatter


A friend and I went to lunch today.
She wanted to go to a deli downtown that is relatively new.
Fine with me.

Of course, we went at noon because we were having lunch.
Downtown is the State Capitol and home to the University.
There are lots of offices, shops, restaurants, apartments,
and a large hospital in the city center.
Everybody has lunch at noon.

Took awhile to find a parking place.
When we did find a place it was about four blocks from the deli.
Not a problem.
Except neither of us thought about putting any money
in the meter, until we were almost at the deli.
So, back we went to pay the meter.

When we got to the deli it was crowded but
the line to order moved quickly.
Too quickly for us.
They had a gazillion things on the menu board
and never having been there before we had to read the whole thing.
Okay, finally we ordered and paid.
Found a booth and our food was brought to us.
We haven’t seen each other in awhile and had lots to talk about.

The music was LOUD.
There were a lot of people talking LOUDLY.
Neither of us hears all that well.
We talked and talked but didn’t
really hear much of what the other said.

The food was a bit pricey.
My friend liked her sandwich.
I didn’t care much for my salad.
I did like her potato chips.

Still, seeing my friend made it a nice Tuesday.

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Chatting about kindness…

The Kindness Challenge Week 6 focus:
Think about who inspires you to be kinder?
This is my Tuesday Chatter, too.

There are many in my life who are kind but there are three women who truly inspire me
to be kinder because they are examples of kindness in action.
I have seen and heard of their loving kindness in action countless times.
Often I am the recipient of their love and kindness.
These women have servant’s hearts.
They see a need and they do what they can to meet it.
When asked for help they are ready and willing to give in any way they can.
Most often they help without being asked.
They just show up when and where there is a need.
They serve people they know well and people who are strangers.

Each one of these women came into my life at a different time.
They came with gifts to share; gifts I needed at that time.
They inspire me to become more of a servant, more loving, and kinder.
To have one such friend is a blessing to have three is a miracle of blessings!

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Wonderful, awful, wonderful…

Well, it’s Tuesday Chatter time
and I am going to tell you about I walk I took last week.
It was wonderful then awful then wonderful.

The first wonderful part was the weather was great,
I was up early and eager to get things done.
I thought I would start with a walk to the hair salon
to get my hair cut then to the grocery to get strawberries.
Hair cut, strawberries bought, walking home.

Then the awful.
I tripped on a curb in the parking lot.
Fell down hard!
Bleeding from my nose and head, bruised, dizzy.
Several people helped me up and into a shop.
Someone in the shop called 911.
Ambulance came I went to ER.
Had a CAT scan and x-ray.
Head ok but with a mild concussion, needed stitches.
Hand ok but badly bruised hurt worse than my head.
Four and a half hours later I called a friend to take me home.

The second wonderful is part of the awful.
I was in a public place so there was help right away.
The people who helped me were kind and caring.
A man held a towel to my head to keep the bleeding under control.
I was given towels for my nose.
A woman brought a warm wet towel and washed my hands.
Another woman held my hand until the EMT’s got there.
The ER was busy with more serious injuries than mine
but I was cared for without too much waiting.
My friend was there when I needed him.


Now the concussion is gone, I have stitches and a black eye.
My face is swollen and sort of purple, green and yellow, as is my hand.
Not wonderful but not awful.
Might be wonderful if I looked as good with my black eye as the cat does with his.
Still, blessings more than I can count.

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Three to celebrate…

I always have things to celebrate and
here are three things I celebrate this week


  • We once again have safe clean water.  No need to boil it before drinking or cooking.  It is amazing how we take safe clean water for granted. We just use it every day without any thought of what is involved in getting it to our homes.


  • After a week away from work, I went back on Monday and by today I was all caught up and my desk is clear and ready for next week.


  • Had lunch with a friend I don’t see very often.  Always wonderful to catch up and hear what’s new and the veggie pizza was too good.
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Click on the badge to see what others are celebrating.

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Much to celebrate…

Today I Celebrate The Small Things that really aren’t so small.

I celebrate that with all the flooding in the midlands of South Carolina
people have come together to help each other in any way they can,
with food, water and shelter, assisting with cleaning up, hugs and listening ears.
Whatever is needed there is someone there ready and willing to help.

I celebrate that though we are under a boil water advisory we do have water.
It’s kind of weird to see all the flood waters and still have the possibility of no
water in the pipes coming into our homes and businesses.

I celebrate that all of this area has power and no one is in the dark tonight.

I celebrate the resilience of the human body.
After having a severe reaction to an antibiotic last week
I am now on the mend and expect to be fully recovered in a few days.

I celebrate the friends who help me in spite of very busy schedules.
This week one friend went to the store for me bringing me
needed groceries and water and another gave me a ride
to and from the doctor.

 I celebrate friends who are more family than friends.
Without these people who share their love with me,
my life would be empty, lonely and sad.


There is a lot to be thankful for here at Patricia’s Place!

There is flooding now in the lower and coastal regions of South Carolina.
It is expected to take up to two weeks for the waters to recede.
Please keep these folks in your thoughts and prayers
along with all the first responders and emergency teams.

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Click on the badge to see what others are celebrating.
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Friday fill-ins and celebrating…

Elizabeth from Silver’s Reviews came up with all four of the fill-ins
for Hilary’s hop Friday Four Fill In Fun at Feeling Beachie.

Here are my fill-ins:

  1. Do you ever wonder what your purpose is in life?
  2. Why would I dye my hair when I like it grey?
  3. Creating something beautiful is not to be taken for granted it is a wonderful gift.
  4. I think that more people need to get a grip and chill, life is too short to be upset.


 And now to
Celebrate The Small Things

This week I was treated to lunch by a friend.
We don’t get to spend much time together
and this was a special surprise treat.

Work was crazy busy this week but all went well
and lots got done. That’s a great feeling!

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Click on the badge to see how others Fill-In the blanks.
Click on the badge to see what others are celebrating.
Click on the badge to see what others are celebrating.