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Arranged, Thursday’s Special…

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These are a few of the many cats figures I have.
Yes, I am a crazy cat lady.

Click on the sphere to see more pictures.
Click on the sphere to see more pictures.
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Thursday, J is for jovial…

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I like jovial people.

Jovial people like people.  Not everyone does.  They do.
They like good company and social occasions and having fun.
Most jovial types are themselves fun.  When they are around pretty much everyone has a good time.

I, myself, am not a jovial person.
I like good company and fun but not so much social occasions.
Some people think I am funny;  but I don’t think I am what you would call fun.
I am a bit too boring to be jovial.


Today, I think life would be very boring without jovial sorts to get the party going.

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Tuesday, I did a bad thing…

Hi Peoples,

Well, I did again.  I did a bad thing.  It was fun but it was bad.


Mama saw me with something–she didn’t know what it was because it was in my mouth.

Then  Mama went into the bathroom and saw this

                      IMAG00212a piece of missing wallpaper.

IMAG0019Then she knew!

She fixed it…IMAG00232good as new.

Still it was upsetting to her–she loves that wallpaper and she can’t get anymore like it.  She said, if she had to replace it she wouldn’t be happy and it would be a lot of work. 

IMAG0025 I am sorry I did it and I will try not to do it again.  But I know of another place where there is a little tiny bit of paper just begging to be scratched.

Personally, I think wallpapering sounds like fun.  Especially the ripping down part!

BTW Mama says she is sorry about the quality of the pictures.

Even with a bit of blur I am still pretty good lookin’,  don’t you think? 

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Tuesday, just having fun…

Hi Peoples,

Well, I did it again.  I was just having fun–really–just having fun.


IMAG0062 I mean really there is just so much to do in this room–so many things to check on.

All I was doing was taking a minute to make sure Mama was taking good care of her litter box like she does mine.

Then I looked over and there it was–just there–calling me to come and play.  So I played.


It was very fun–until Mama came home.  I guess I am supposed to remember every little rule.  But there are a lot of them!  And some seem so silly.  Like leave the toilet paper alone.  Why?  It just gets put in Mama’s litter box.

Besides I thought the RULE was 3 times and you’re in trouble.  This was the first time–this time around.  Who knew the 3 times rule meant FOREVER!


Now this is what I see when I walk by the bathroom.  Really is this necessary?


Come on, Mama, open the door!