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TToT week 4/14…

Ten Things of Thankful

  1. Another lunch with friends I haven’t seen in awhile! It was fun to catch up and share the happenings of life.
  2. I got new curtains for my bedroom. Got the old ones down just fine but had to call for help to get the rod and new curtains back in place. Never had this problem before, bummer. But a friend came to my rescue. The curtains are up and we had a nice visit.
  3. We have had a lot of windy weather lately but there was one day when there was no wind so I could spray paint some containers on my balcony. I love to spray paint!
  4. A couple more things crossed off the to-do list and no new things added…for now.
  5. Finalized kitchen cabinet design and measurements. Once all ordered the work should start late May early June. Exciting!
  6. I had a couple of bad mood days.  I am most thankful that no one was around to witness my anger.
  7. I have been reading a lot which is wonderful.  But sorry blog world, you are in second place just now. Sometimes I have to step away from the computer to get my “nice” back. But I do love reading about what is happening to my cyber friends and reading the stories and seeing the photos they share.
  8. Looking forward to getting some flowers planted. Flowers doing their thing on my balcony make me wonder at the beauty we are given to enjoy.
  9. Today is my big brudder’s birthday! I will be forever grateful for having such a wonderful brother.
  10. I get my new balcony this week…if it doesn’t rain and if it isn’t too windy. It is going to look so awesome!

So, that’s it for this week.
Even with a couple of not so nice days because of my attitude
it has been a week of blessings and beauty.

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In deep water…

Three Line Tales, Week 51

tltweek51photo by Sean Tan via Unsplash

In Deep Water

It began as an innocent little flirt, an indiscretion, but nothing serious. The little flirt didn’t stay innocent quickly becoming an all-out affair that the whole town seemed to be talking and tweeting about. Now they were in some serious deep water and about to drown in ugly gossip.

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Saturday, brain training…


There is something I do everyday on the computer.
Even the days I am on a Computer Fast I do this.

I play Luminosity games.

Luminosity is a site with brain training games.
I only use the free version because I am smart enough to know
it would be stupid of me to spend money on games.
I am not saying it is stupid for everyone to pay for the full version
but it is for me because I have other stuffs to spend my money on
that are more important, like mortgage, utilities, food, etc.
But if you have plenty of money by all means buy the subscription
it looks like it would be worth it.

Some days I ace the games and my BPI goes up, exciting,
and some days I don’t do so well and it goes down, disappointing.
I can’t remember what BPI stands for but I want it to be a high number.


When I started playing my score was around 500.
Now it averages 1110.
There are lots of different games but in the free version fewer.
Some games I like and some not so much.
One thing I know; I am hooked on Luminosity.

But not addicted as I am to Spider Solitaire.
That’s a whole nother post!


Today, I am thankful that my brain is healthy and most of the time works well,
and my mind is, though somewhat ditzy, happy and contented.

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Tuesday, I’ve got a secret…

Hi Peoples,

Guess what!  I’ve got a secret so I get to do the Two Shoes Tuesday post!

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I have lots of toys and Mama put my favorites in a basket for me.


There is M’Deer and my feather fluffy, my scrunchy brown paper bag, my sock with nip in it, my fish, and my strawberry cake puff.  And of course, my big white ball.  What you don’t see in the basket is my very very most favorite toys in the whole world!

My multi-color soft fuzzy balls, 3 of them, are not in the basket.
There would be a picture of them here

But I hid them. 

That’s a great game to play with Mama, I hide them in a secret place and she tries to find them.  I hid them so well this time that she can’t find them at all!  She has looked everywhere!

I hid them in a very special secret place.

 So secret that I can’t find them.

It’s a little bit upsetting.  But Mama says not to worry;  before she comes home from work tomorrow she will go to the store and buy me some new multi-color soft fuzzy balls. 

I hope she doesn’t forget.  If I had my own phone I could text her and remind her.