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Thursday thoughts…

To the people who love you, you are beautiful already.
This is not because they’re blind to your shortcomings
but because they so clearly see your soul.
Victoria Moran

Sometimes friendship becomes something deeper. It is a rare gift when this happens. These friendships become a safe place, a haven, a home of the heart. A place where acceptance is normal even when situations and circumstances are not. These friends listen and offer their thoughts and insights without judgment. They will laugh and cry, be serious or silly, offer advise or remain quiet, whatever you need is what they give you.

These friendships are rare and I am blessed with more than one. These friends have been with me in good and bad times. They have supported me and given me strength with their love and wisdom. It is a wonder and joy to know them. They are my family. They are my soul-sisters.

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Monday musings…

With gratitude,
optimism is sustainable.
Michael J Fox

Not too long ago I read one Michael’s books, No Time Like The Future. It was insightful and inspiring. In the book Michael talks about his challenges and struggles living with Parkinson disease. He is upbeat but honest about what it is like personally and professionally. He writes of his family and their ways of, not just coping with this disease, but finding strength and humor and being open and honest with their feelings and thoughts.

I don’t know that if I ever have to face a life changing health challenge that I would be like Michael. I don’t know that I would be as optimistic and happy as he is as he looks to the future. He doesn’t downplay the difficulties but accepts that life is different, he makes adjustments as needed and lives a full life. I don’t know if I am that strong. I do hope I would find new ways to live and be happy and not just stay home feeling sorry for myself.

I think gratitude is always important but even more so when faced with the hard passages of life. And I think optimism is a gift that sometimes takes a bit of work to maintain. But then, most of the good in life requires work and the rewards of that work are more gifts than we can ever imagine.

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Quotes & Questions, 7/6/2018

Q&Q “Your conscious presence
in your own life is powerful.
It’s a gift to be present—a gift for you and
for whomever you share your life with.”
Maria Shriver

I often find my mind wandering. It’s a time of complete relaxation and self-indulgence and that’s okay when I am alone and don’t need to be focused on anything in particular. I think of this wandering as a gift to myself and it sometimes leads to a wonderful awakening within me.  It’s not okay when my mind wanders when I am with someone. Then it is just rude, like giving them a beautifully wrapped gift box with nothing in it.

Have you ever thought of your conscious presence
as a gift to yourself and others?




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About gifts…

Friendly Fill-Ins Week 30


1.I have a hard time finding a gift for the person whose name I draw for the gift exchange at work.

thinking-cat-1520277_6402.I have no problem finding a gift for the person whose name I didn’t draw for the gift exchange at work.

sibring3.One of the best gifts I ever gave was the “mother’s ring” I gave to my mother. It has the birthstones of my brothers and me. There is a diamond, a topaz, and an aquamarine.She was so excited! I have the ring now and call it my sibling ring.

4.One of the best gifts I ever received was my cat, Dolly. She was given to me by a friend of my brother and came at a time when I needed another heartbeat living with me. She was six weeks old when she came to me and nineteen years when she left. She was the perfect Diva.


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A day late is on time…


I am a day late with this week’s
Friendly Fill-Ins and Celebrating the Small Things,
but in my world these days it counts as on time.
So, here goes.

Friendly Fill-Ins Week 20

  1. The last movie I saw at the theater was so long ago I have no idea what it was!


2. The title of my autobiography would be  Crazy  Complexities, Complications, and Confusions. I think that describes my life quite well.


3. I would love to learn how to refinish/reupholster furniture…I think, but then maybe not.      See #2. 


4. I am glad that I learned to crochet because it is relaxing while doing something      productive, I make gifts for friends and sometimes for people I don’t know, and it keeps    me off the streets and out of the bars.


Celebrating the Small Things

This week I celebrate:

  • The weather is changing and I am so ready for cooler temps.
  • I finished one of two gifts that are needed next month.
  • I got through the day at work though I wanted to go home because I felt awful and thought I would feel better at home. As it was I got sicker when I got home but that is ok…it’s always better to be worse at home. 🙂
  • Today I feel fine.

All in all, it was a pretty good week!


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