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“Feeling gratitude and not expressing it is
like wrapping a present and not giving it.”
William Arthur Ward

Image by Pablo Klaschka from Pixabay

I have a good life with much to be grateful for and I am grateful. But I am afraid I don’t express it as often as I ought to. I may say thank you for something said or done. However, my response may be offhand or with little thought given to it. I can give excuses for my lame replies but in truth there is no excuse for not taking the time and making an effort to let others know how important their attention and thoughtfulness is to me.

Having something given to me whether it be big or small, written or spoken, a need met or a want fulfilled is a gift. It may be given with love by a friend or casually given by someone I don’t know well or just a hello said by a complete stranger. A gift is meant to be appreciated not left on a shelf to be forgotten and so it is with gratitude. It needs to be given a place in the heart so it can be enjoyed and shared with others.

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Grateful for Kindness, reflection…

Kindness Challenge Week 7
Grateful for Kindness

This weeks challenge was to be grateful for the kindness in our life; kindness witnessed, experienced or given.  Another thought was to think before going to sleep at night about the kindness we witnessed and experienced during the day and perhaps say a prayer for or send good thoughts to the people who were kind. While thinking about what I would write about for this seventh week of the challenge I had a wake up call of sorts.  I had a surprise…I didn’t like what I woke up to; light was shined on a couple of things I don’t like about myself.


It seems it is easier for me to remember the not so kind and ugly things I witness or experience than it is to remember the kind and beautiful things.  When I think back on the day I tend to find criticism and judgment are the first thoughts to come to mind. I quickly think sarcastic and disrespectful things about the day and its happenings. After I get past the ugly then I see the beauty.  That’s not very kind of me, is it?  Should I not see the beauty the ugly tries to hide? Should I not see the beauty first?

I am truly grateful for the kindness all around me in this world that can be cold and mean.  But this week it has been a gratefulness that had to be dug out from under world’s less than wonderful atmosphere. I don’t know, maybe this week with it’s not so stellar days simply got to me and I let negativity take hold. Whatever the reason it saddens me to know that the week though filled with kindness seen and experienced I allowed the good to be overshadowed by the not so good.

Last week is over and done and cannot be changed. Lessons were learned and I am humbled. This week is just beginning and I am grateful for the new days. New days to witness, experience, and give kindness; new days to see beauty even when it is hidden or disguised; new days to bow my head and say thank you.

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In Other Words Gratitude…

In Other Words

I am participating in the A to Z Challenge again.
In Other Words will be a part of my posts for A to Z.
Every day in April, except Sundays, will have a letter assigned
So here is the In Other Words prompt for this Wednesday

“Gratitude is the attitude that sets the altitude of life.”
I do not know who said this but they were wise.

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