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Friday, frankly…

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Image by Brandon Christopher Warren via Flickr

When I was a little kid I could hardly wait to grow up.  It seemed like it was taking me forever to become a grown up.  There would so many things I would be able to do when I was finally a grown up.

I would stay up to see the eleven o’clock news, I would say no if I wanted to and not be scolded.  I would have a job and get money instead of going to school and always being told what to do.  I would spend my money anyway I wanted.  And when I was finally a grown up no one would tell me what to do or when to do it.

Okay, fast forward–way forward–to today.  I am a grown up, have been for a long time.

I am old enough to stay up for the news but rarely watch it.  I can say no but I am not always smart enough to say it.  I have a job and get money.  I can spend it anyway I want–after mortgage, utilities, insurance, food, and all the other stuff that little kids–at least this little kid–think do not cost very much and pay checks are big–really big.

I am on my own–my own boss–so to speak.  But there is always someone telling me what to do and when to do it–and sometimes where to go.

When I was a little kid time poked along so slowly.  It was taking forever to become a grown up.  Now that I am one of the grown up people time flies by and there is never enough of it.  I would like it to slow down–I would like just a bit more time.

Frankly, I think being a grown up is over rated.  I do not know why I thought it would be such a great thing–this grown up stuff.  It is not all bad, mind you, actually hardly bad at all.  Just not what I expected.