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Halloween chatter…

Today is Halloween
Other than the candy, I am not a big Halloween fan.
But one block in my neighborhood has some fans for sure.
Here’s some proof.


This is my favorite even though I don’t like spiders,
I’m kinda afraid of them.

This picture is blurry because when I was taking it
the mummy in the red hat started laughing!

I think the people who live here have soft hearts
and don’t want to scare the little folks.

!Happy Halloween!

That’s it for today’s Tuesday Chatter.

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Filling in week 22…

Friendly Fill-Ins Week 22

  1. My favorite store is not the grocery store but I don’t know what is my favorite or if I have a favorite.


      2. An unanswered prayer I am thankful for is…all my prayers are answered but I               don’t always like the answer. Like when the answer is no or not now.                     


  1. At Halloween, I shut the door and turn off the light. I don’t think Halloween is a good thing.


  1. I believe in the supernatural because there are too many things that cannot be explained with intellect and logic.


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Monday, I’m 19 today…

MEOW to all of you,

today is my BIRFDAY!  an halloween!  i don’t know what that is but it haz sumthin to do wif black cats like me so it mus be good.

its the day we call my birfday cause i don’t know xactly when i was born.  sumbody fownd me an my siblings ina field. 2 of us were dead so they thot our momcat must a died and they took us home.  when i was jus 6 weeks old i got my mama.  shes been wif me  ever since.

i had a dopted bruddeer Henry but he got kidknee failure and went to see our doctor and never came home.  mama cried.  I miss him but don’t tell mama she thinks I dint like Henry but he waz ok but so big! 18 pownds!

its my 19th birfday.  thats purrty old i guess.  i am feelin good  and sumtimes frisky but mosly i jus curl up and nap.  i don’t hear so good anymore an sumtimes mama really surprisez me when she comes up from behind me.  it’s a nice surprize.

when I waz bout 10 I got sick wif pankreetitus. it was awful!  i barfed all the time and my fur got all dry and dull, i hated that. after all fur is a ver important part of the cat misteek.

i still haz pankreetitus and so still have the barfin thing but mama found sum food i can eat that stays in my tummy mos of the time. she gets ver upset when I barfs my food.  i got real skinny bout 4 pownds but now i ways bout 6.  mama wood almos cry when she pet me cause my ribs stuk out.

mama got me sum treats for my birfday but only gave me a couple–they are soooo gooood.   i tries to get more but mama said too many wood make me sick to my tummy.  i no she will give me more later. an she haz sum chiken for me for supper, but only a taste…that stoopid barf thing ya no.

i writes a lot this time an my paws are tired an I need to find mama so I can nap on her lap. im sure she is ready to read her book,that’s a great time for a cat-lap-nap.