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This isn’t good…

Friendly Fill-Ins Week 19

1) Something healthy I do daily is…I don’t do anything daily that’s healthy unless you
count showers.

2) Something unhealthy I do daily is eat too much chocolate and drink too much Coke.

3) This Summer, for the first time Summer was way too hot for me. Most days I didn’t go for a walk because of the heat…bummer.


4) This Autumn, I plan to get some exercise on a daily basis. Maybe. 🙂


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What I read-what I think…


I was reading an article earlier today in
DailyGood News that Inspires
and here is what I learned and, of course, what I think:

  • a meaningful life is a healthier life than a happy life
  • people with meaningful lives have stronger immune systems

It seems to me that if your life is meaningful than it is happy
and the more meaningful and happy your life is the less you are bothered by illness.
You might get sick but it doesn’t get you down like it does unhappy people.
I am not talking major things but the everyday stuff that gets passed around in families, schools, work.
But maybe they were thinking more of big stuff not the little bugs.
Either way it makes sense to me.

  •  it is better to be a little bit happy over a long period of time than to experience wild spikes of happiness

I wonder what is meant by “a little bit happy”.
Maybe they mean contentment.
I am content and happy with the occasional wild spike of happiness.
Works for me.


  • meditation can change how genes work
  • meditation quiets the genes that express bodily inflammation in response to stress
  • develops healthier coping and resilience that can potentially lead to longer life

I know that meditation helps me to calm down when I am feeling stressed.
I didn’t know that meditation changes the genes.
The article also talks about how this can be helpful to people from families of highly stressed people.
It makes sense to me that if you are less stressed you will live longer.
I have no idea if all this is true but I like it.
I’ll go with it.

There is a lot more in the article but I am not really into “scientific” studies
so, truthfully, I sorta skimmed it and took what jumped out at me.
When I read these kinds of articles I find them interesting
but are the people in the study honest in their responses?
I guess that most of them would be
but a few less than honest folks could skew the results.
But maybe not.


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Skinny mini no more…

For the first time in my life it has been strongly suggested that I lose weight.
Up until the last couple of years I was a skinny mini.
But no more.  I am not a hippy hippo by any means.
Still, I no longer wear clothes sized in single digits and when I sit my tummy rests on my thighs.
I still have a lap!  Just a smaller one.

So I am being pressured to lose at least ten pounds but twenty would be better.
I do not like this!

images (34)

I have eaten less bad empty calorie stuff and more healthy stuff.
Until the holidays.
I had lost seven pounds but I found them and couple extra over the last few weeks.

Now it is back to lean and green healthy foods.
I think exercise would be good but I am a couch potato
or maybe a computer cucumber is more apt.


I have a new scale for weekly weigh ins
and I am working on the exercise thing.
Thinking is a form of work, ya know!


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Friday, phobias that fascinate me…


Do you know there are people with a fear
of developing a phobia?
Well, there are…they are

It seems there are phobias about everything.

I had a phobia…I probably still have a bit of it.
Sometimes it rears its ugly phobia head and I am a mess.
But I have learned to get past it…most of the time.
It took a lot of work to overcome it or overcome it for the most part anyway.

So, I can understand someone having a phobia even really strange ones like,

Phronemophobia; the fear of thinking.

This would be horrible.
How does one not think?

I wonder how one gets over phronemophobia?
I mean, really, you have to think to work through it.


Today, I think phronemophobia is not one I will worry about…I love to think.

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Tuesday, not my favorite place…

I have been to the dentist today.
Not my favorite place to be.


Which brings me to Day 5 of About Me.

I sort of worry about going from the time I make the appointment
until the day arrives and I am there…still nervous.
I think this is because of not so good experiences
with dentists when I was a kid.

My parents were strange about dentists.
We never went unless we were in pain.  And I mean major pain.
If an aspirin didn’t make the pain go away
or that nasty gel that gets rubbed on the gums didn’t help
then we went to the dentist.  Not a day sooner.
Maybe they had a dental phobia.

I do not have odontophobia /dentophobia.
I do try to avoid going to the dentist by practicing good dental hygiene.
But I don’t not go which is what a phobic would do.
I think I just get a bit anxious, maybe more than a bit, about going and being there.

It helps that I like my dentist.
He is a nice man, super considerate,
and will do whatever it takes to help me be calm and relaxed.
The happy gas he gives doesn’t hurt.

Anyway, I’m done with dental work…for now.
I can’t complain.
Having dental work done every few years isn’t so bad.

So, I will be fine until January when it is time for a cleaning.
Not as high anxiety as facing the drill but still there is some anxiety.


For sure I am thankful that dentistry has come a long way.
I am even more thankful that the wonderful dentist I have now is young enough
that he should be around until I don’t need a dentist anymore.


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Tuesday, heart health…

When I read the prompt for this week’s Two Shoes Tuesday,
box and/or dark,
this immediately came to mind.
And I mean immediately…without a moment’s hesitation!

chocolateA pretty box of beautiful chocolates.
I spy some dark chocolates in the box.
 My favorite!
But all chocolate is good.

Chocolate not only tastes good the dark variety is good for your heart,
in moderation of course.
Besides the heart health benefit it is also a mood elevator.
When your mood is in the basement chocolate will move you right to the penthouse.

Really, whatever is hurting your heart chocolate will help ease the pain.


Today, I think chocolate is more than just a special treat it is a necessity of life.

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Click on the shoes to see what others have to say.