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Monday musings…

‘Tis healthy to be sick sometimes.
Henry David Thoreau

I had my first COVID vaccine shot 3 weeks ago. Friday I had my second dose. Like the first visit there was no waiting. Went in sat down, the nurse told me the same things as before. She did say that sometimes people have reactions that they didn’t have with the first dose. She gave me the shot, I sat in the waiting area for 15 minutes, to see if any serious reactions would occur. No reactions at all so I left.

The first dose I had no reaction to at all. Second was a different story. In the evening my arm was sore and stiff. And I was feeling kinda icky. So I went to bed early. Woke up about 2 am feeling a lot worse than icky! Soaking wet, hot, shivering, hands and feet cold as ice. Got up took a couple Tylenol, changed jammies, put socks on, and went back to bed. Slept fine.

Woke up still worse than icky. Took my temperature, 102*! Took a couple more Tylenol had some toast and went back to bed. Got up in the late afternoon just feeling icky, temp 100*. More Tylenol and some soup. Temperature returned to normal and stayed there. Still felt icky. Went to bed early and woke up Sunday morning and felt my usual healthy self. YAY!

I have done what the medical folks said I should do and feel confident I won’t get the virus, though I will continue with the mask wearing and social distancing. And I have a new understanding of the quote at the beginning of this story.

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Tuesday, ten…

Black silhouette defining a female body shape.
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Today is Tuesday,  October 12, 2010


Ten members of the family body:

  1. Bertha Big Belly
  2. Bobby Blubber Butt, Bertha’s husband
  3. Nellie Knobby Knees and
  4. Andy Chunky Ankles, their children
  5. Donny Double Chin, adopted son
  6. Aunt Wilma Wrinkled Neck
  7. Uncle Herbie Wide Hips
  8. Frannie Flabby Arms and
  9. Theo Thick Thighs, the cousins
  10. twins, Betty and Barbara Bitty Boobs, nobody knows where they came from but everybody likes them and they are kind of cute so they are accepted as part of the family.

So that’s it, the family.  As awful as the whole shebang sounds they all manage to work together and are healthy and happy.