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Thursday, blessed with a happy heart…

Happy Cat
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Not much gets me down for which I am grateful.

I have a good life and great friends and pretty good health, a nice place to live, food when I am hungry, clothes and shoes.  I can buy what I need and a lot of what I don’t need but want.

I rarely get angry, I don’t get bored, when I am hurt or disappointed I usually get over it quickly.  When   irritated or frustrated about something or with someone I will go on a rant, a private one. I don’t hold grudges.

I am not perfect, not a saint, just a woman with a joyful heart.

Today I am thankful that though my heart has some bruises and scars, it is a happy heart.

Broken heart sewn back together
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Saturday, thinking about home…

Today is Saturday, December 18, 2010

It is gray and misty and cold today, what I call Ohio weather. When I look out my window and see the wet street and water dripping off the tree branches and low gray skies I begin to feel a pull towards home.  This is really odd because once I left Ohio and came to South Carolina  I never went back.

Ohio friends have been–not forgotten–but left there untended and so now  are just people from the past with no real importance in the present.  There is family still in Ohio– part of my heart–but in truth, except for my brother, we are pretty much strangers.  Why then do I think of Ohio as home?  Is it because I was a child there?  Is there something about childhood memories about a place that finds a corner in the heart and makes that place forever home?