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H = help…

Have you ever needed  some

I have…and do right now!
I have been pondering what to write for today’s
challenge letter H2016.
I have come up with nothing!

It seems I am in a state of H2016ebetude.
So, I have decided to simply leave this
H2016okey, H2016o-H2016um, H2016ackneyed
attempt to write a challenge worthy post.
Now I am going to H2016it the H2016ay.

That’s my post for the letter

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Thursday, asking for help…

This is something I don’t usually do, actually I don’t think I have ever done something like this.
So it’s a first time thing.

There is a place that has a big part of my heart.


(you can click on the banner to learn more about it)

This is a no kill shelter.  It gives a home to cats and dogs forever if they are not adopted.
I have know about Pet’s Inc for a long time.
But it was in 2005 when my brother died that they became part of my heart.
Will had 5 dogs.  They were his children.  They were now orphans.
I live in a condo and couldn’t take them and needed to find a place for them quickly.

I called a couple of places that did not have room for more dogs and couldn’t take them.
I wouldn’t give them to a place that would keep them for two weeks and if not adopted euthanize them.
I just could not do that.

Then I called Pet’s Inc.
They didn’t have room.  I told them my story.  They made room.
Not only did they make room;  
one of the volunteers went to Will’s house (for a week) and fed the dogs until we could get 
them rounded up and transported to the shelter.

They helped me more than they will ever know.
I can not thank them enough for their help and for their care and compassion for animals.
It was hard losing my brother and I could not bear the thought of having the dogs euthanized.

Pet’s Inc. is now in a national competition to win money, $100,000, to build a dog park.
They are in one of fifteen cities that have a chance to win this amazing gift.
They need votes!
Will you vote?

Click on the badge to vote.    You can vote everyday.
Click on the badge to vote.
You can vote everyday.

Today, I think we have chance for dog park at Pet’s Inc., please help.

Teddy and I thank you.

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Monday, computer friendly,or maybe not…

A close up of a Toshiba Satellite L305D-S5900 ...
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I have a new computer.  This is good and bad.  Mostly good.

My old computer died of unknown cause.  I took it for diagnosis hoping it was just ill but the hard drive was gone–it was brain-dead.

I could get a new brain for it.  Then it would need to get experience programmed with new software.  And both of those would need to be transplanted into its body.  As we all know transplants are very expensive.  Cost is about the same for a new computer.  So I said farewell to the old ‘puter and hello to the new.

Everything is pretty much going along ok as we get to know each other and our quirks.  We both have more quirks than we need but we are what we are–quirky.

The computer has been registered and legal. The OS is Windows 7 and that is new to me and seems friendly.  Although, being quirky it does have its moments of not niceness.  It will take a little time for us to become family–if you know what I mean.

Now I have to install the printer.  The printer and I have never come to a true friendship.  It is really hard to get along with. Truthfully, I have a love-hate relationship with the thing!  The man who tells me when the ink is low or when the printer and computer are not communicating is always nice if somewhat abrupt.  Anyway, at some point I am going to need the printer working–like yesterday.

If you do not see a post here for a few days–or ever again–send help–I will have gone stark raving mad and need help.