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Yesterday is history…


past bygone
enduring sustaining teaching
preparing for tomorrow’s promise

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In Other Words
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“You can’t have a better tomorrow if you are thinking about yesterday all the time.” 
Charles F. Kettering

Pet the cat to see the words of others.
Pet the cat to see the words of others.

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The A to Z Challenge 
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Traces of the Past

chairThis is my gramma’s rocker.
It was given to her by my grandfather when she was pregnant with my mother.
Gramma rocked her children and her grandchildren in this chair.
When she died it was given to my mother who rocked her grandchildren in it.
When my mother died the chair became mine.
I have rocked all my catkids in it.
This year the chair is 99 years old.
It will always be “Gramma’s rocker”.

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Saturday, a box of memories…

Ma,Willie, and me

Ma, Willie, and me, being silly.

Today I was going through a box of old photographs.  Not something I especially wanted to do but I have two boxes that came from my parent’s house that are just bothering me.  They have been my closet for years. My mother died more than 30 years ago and my father, 17 years ago.  When we sold my parent’s house I took the boxes.  My brother, Willie, and I went through the pictures and he took the ones he wanted.  Later I sorted through them again and sent some to my older brother that I thought would mean something to him.  Then I put it all away in the closet.  Today one of them was opened.

Today, 15 years since I last looked in the box, I sorted and  threw a bunch of the pictures away.  Pictures that were so faded they were hard to make out, or so out of focus they were worthless. Many were of people I have no idea of who they were and there is no one left to ask.  Kind of sad, two boxes of family history forgotten.

I didn’t remember this picture and have no memory of the day it was taken.  I think I was about four and that would make Will three.  We look happy don’t we?  I can’t ask them because they are gone.  I guess we were happy…I don’t remember…

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