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Things done…


Today I am Celebrating the Small Things

After months of thinking about it, seeking advice, going back and forth about what to do, and being a bit crazed I have made my decision. Can’t tell you what it is just yet
but after New Years I will.

I am almost done with Christmas shopping. I don’t do anything major in the way of gifts, just little thought gifts. Usually, I make something but this year I did not. I might make cookies or something, though.

The bit of holiday decorating I do is done.

 I am ready for the holiday and it isn’t even the week of the big day.

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Fill-ins and the holiday…

Friendly Fill-Ins Week 29


1. Yesterday, I started the little bit of holiday decorating I do. No tree but a fun wreath on the door and a table centerpiece. Tomorrow I will work on the Christmas village. 


2. To regift or not is the question. I think it’s okay. I would rather the gift that perhaps wasn’t quite the right thing be regifted to someone who would like and use it. But I do think that it may hurt some folks feelings so ya gotta be careful.


3.  My favourite holiday leftover is…leftovers of any kind are my favorite food in general but at Thanksgiving, it’s a turkey and dressing and cranberry sauce hoagie sandwich. Oh, and any dessert.


4. The best part of a long, holiday weekend is …I don’t know, just having four days of being lazy is nice. Although, for me lazy is pretty much a most of the time thing these days.

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Thanksgiving and me…

Friendly Fill-Ins Week 28

  1. One Thanksgiving tradition I have is I decorate the door for the holidays. I try to do something different every year. Nothing expensive or extravagant just something simple.


2.  Black Friday I stay home. No shopping in crowded stores for me. I spent years on the sales floor and always had to work Black Friday. I still work in retail but in the office and I can choose whether or not to work and I choose not to.


3. The best part about Thanksgiving Day is just staying home with the catkids pretty much doing nothing. I am not much for socializing on this day.


4. One Thanksgiving, …growing up holidays were sort of stressful and I was always happy to see them done with. Nothing, good or bad, stands out.  They are no longer stressful but I still am not crazy about Thanksgiving and the start of the holiday season. 


So that’s it for Thanksgiving.
I know I sound like a Grinch.

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Thursday, thanks for my sorts savings…

Grumpy Cat

Image by FarFromSubtle via Flickr


At this time of year because of all the busyness of the holidays we  tend to find ourselves out of sorts.  This is not a good thing to have happen. One should never run out of sorts.  Ever!

But it happens to the best of us.  Things get crazy and stressful and we use up our store of sorts and then we are just out of them.  It is a good idea to save some sorts for when more than the usual is needed.

When we are out of sorts all kinds of things can go wrong.  We are generally impatient and short-tempered, easily provoked to be unkind and hurtful, mean of spirit.  When out of sorts we are just not nice.

So far, this season, I have not found myself out of sorts.  But, to be honest, I have had to use some of my sorts savings; and as you know it is hard to put back into savings this time of year.

Today, I am thankful  for the understanding and forgiveness of others when my sort fund is low.  And I am thankful for their patience and willingness to help me replenish my sort account.

Cash Money Pieces - Dolla Billz Cat
Image by joanna8555 via Flickr



Tuesday, 10 things about the season…

  1. christmas cats

Today is Tuesday, December 7, 2010

10 things  about the December season

  1. It is going to be cold and windy–might as well bundle up and enjoy it best you can.
  2. People are in more of a hurry–they can be pushy and rude but you don’t have to be even if you would like to body slam them into next year.
  3. The stores will be too crowded and too warm–just roll with it–or go home.
  4. Where ever you go there will be long lines–be patient–do some daydreaming.
  5. There will be hard to buy for people and those you just can’t please–give to charity the money you would have spent on them and tell them who you gave the donation to.
  6. Kids should not be taken to the Mall–except to sit on Santa’s lap–once they have talked with him and had their picture taken they should be taken home.
  7. There will be parties–like it or not–if like me you are a “not” person stay home nobody will really miss you and you will be happy.
  8. There is a lot of food around–you don’t have to eat it and if you do don’t complain about the diet you will have to go on in January.
  9. It’s not all about you–or me–no matter how much we want it to be.
  10. Santa, though a nice enough fat man cannot give you the gift of life–remember the One who can.